Thursday, June 16, 2011


Thursday night Heather suggested that we go to bed early. Sometimes that means Nookie, but sometimes just that she wants to read. Anyway, it turned out to be Nookie and the key appeared on my pillow while I was in the bathroom. When I saw that Heather had put clean sheets on the bed I had my suspicions about how this tryst was going to go.

I was right – I was of course not allowed to cum myself, as Heather said to me as she teased and fondled me before taking up her trusty Eroscillator – “don’t go making the clean sheets messy”.

Now I was really uncertain about whether last weekend was a wind-up or not. The timing is very much such that it would fit her normal longer time between orgasms if she didn’t actually cum last weekend, or certainly within her comfortable recycle time if she did.

The time she took to cum once she started with her Eroscillator also told me nothing, she neither came quickly nor took a long time either by her standards.

After cumming, she let go of Percy, patted him, turned the lights out and rolled over and went to sleep.

Friday, I tried to re-open the subject of her getting even with me last weekend, without any luck at all. She just smiled and said “no comment”. I then even tried telling her that I didn’t believe her and that I thought she was winding me up.

“In that case”, was her reply, “if I bed someone else then that would only be my second – i.e. getting even – so you will not mind if I do respond to the compliment of an offer again”.


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