Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Is this a wind-up?

Heather arrived home on Monday morning at about 9.30am, which since it is nearly a two hour drive from where she was on Sunday night, means that at least I can guess that the “friend” she stayed with is probably working and had to leave early himself. The choir is about half retired and half still working, so that cuts down the options to the working half.

I was right about what “We’ll see” means. Heather steadfastly refused to talk about her experiences, and when she arrived home she looked neat and tidy and not at all tousled or “just shagged”. She had clearly had a shower, but when she got in she disappeared off to have another shower and change into fresh clothes. I tried the bathroom door while she was in the shower as I wanted to see if there was any apparent evidence of her misdoings, but unusually she had locked the door. I guess the answer is that there probably was evidence, but Heather clearly did not want me to see it!

The rest of Monday was as normal. I hinted that a session in bed might be of interest after lunch, but got no encouragement for that. We both went out to regular Monday evening social meetings with male (in my case) and female (in her case) friends. At bedtime I hoped Heather might be frisky as she had obviously had her usual few glasses of wine, and again suggested a bit of play, but no joy. I was still locked up, and Heather reminded me of her policy of not making love to me while I was locked up. Now this seemed unfair as Heather had removed the key from her handbag where I had put it before she went out on Sunday, and just replied “serves you right” when I asked for it.

Tuesday was exactly the same, except that I did see Heather in the shower and that revealed nothing other than Heather’s attractive slim figure! I was beginning to wonder if she was winding me up.

Today is Wednesday, and I have been locked up for over a week in my new Mature Metal Jailbird, and I feel well overdue for a bit of love making. However, it is not a week for Heather IF indeed she did get even with me on Sunday night! I however remain stuck in a catch-22 situation, that I can’t get out of the Jailbird without the key and Heather is not apparently interested in giving it to me. On the other hand she is steadfastly refusing to make love with me while I am locked up, so I am getting neither pleasure directly myself nor able to indulge my passion for being denied while Heather gets to cum while I hang on to her!

Now I can’t remember how long it is since Heather went more than a few days without resorting to cumming using her Eroscillator, even if no other form of titillation was available. If she doesn’t insist on cumming in some form or other tonight or tomorrow, then that would be a sure sign that she DID indeed cum at least once with her friend last Sunday night.

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