Thursday, June 16, 2011


Thursday night Heather suggested that we go to bed early. Sometimes that means Nookie, but sometimes just that she wants to read. Anyway, it turned out to be Nookie and the key appeared on my pillow while I was in the bathroom. When I saw that Heather had put clean sheets on the bed I had my suspicions about how this tryst was going to go.

I was right – I was of course not allowed to cum myself, as Heather said to me as she teased and fondled me before taking up her trusty Eroscillator – “don’t go making the clean sheets messy”.

Now I was really uncertain about whether last weekend was a wind-up or not. The timing is very much such that it would fit her normal longer time between orgasms if she didn’t actually cum last weekend, or certainly within her comfortable recycle time if she did.

The time she took to cum once she started with her Eroscillator also told me nothing, she neither came quickly nor took a long time either by her standards.

After cumming, she let go of Percy, patted him, turned the lights out and rolled over and went to sleep.

Friday, I tried to re-open the subject of her getting even with me last weekend, without any luck at all. She just smiled and said “no comment”. I then even tried telling her that I didn’t believe her and that I thought she was winding me up.

“In that case”, was her reply, “if I bed someone else then that would only be my second – i.e. getting even – so you will not mind if I do respond to the compliment of an offer again”.


Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Is this a wind-up?

Heather arrived home on Monday morning at about 9.30am, which since it is nearly a two hour drive from where she was on Sunday night, means that at least I can guess that the “friend” she stayed with is probably working and had to leave early himself. The choir is about half retired and half still working, so that cuts down the options to the working half.

I was right about what “We’ll see” means. Heather steadfastly refused to talk about her experiences, and when she arrived home she looked neat and tidy and not at all tousled or “just shagged”. She had clearly had a shower, but when she got in she disappeared off to have another shower and change into fresh clothes. I tried the bathroom door while she was in the shower as I wanted to see if there was any apparent evidence of her misdoings, but unusually she had locked the door. I guess the answer is that there probably was evidence, but Heather clearly did not want me to see it!

The rest of Monday was as normal. I hinted that a session in bed might be of interest after lunch, but got no encouragement for that. We both went out to regular Monday evening social meetings with male (in my case) and female (in her case) friends. At bedtime I hoped Heather might be frisky as she had obviously had her usual few glasses of wine, and again suggested a bit of play, but no joy. I was still locked up, and Heather reminded me of her policy of not making love to me while I was locked up. Now this seemed unfair as Heather had removed the key from her handbag where I had put it before she went out on Sunday, and just replied “serves you right” when I asked for it.

Tuesday was exactly the same, except that I did see Heather in the shower and that revealed nothing other than Heather’s attractive slim figure! I was beginning to wonder if she was winding me up.

Today is Wednesday, and I have been locked up for over a week in my new Mature Metal Jailbird, and I feel well overdue for a bit of love making. However, it is not a week for Heather IF indeed she did get even with me on Sunday night! I however remain stuck in a catch-22 situation, that I can’t get out of the Jailbird without the key and Heather is not apparently interested in giving it to me. On the other hand she is steadfastly refusing to make love with me while I am locked up, so I am getting neither pleasure directly myself nor able to indulge my passion for being denied while Heather gets to cum while I hang on to her!

Now I can’t remember how long it is since Heather went more than a few days without resorting to cumming using her Eroscillator, even if no other form of titillation was available. If she doesn’t insist on cumming in some form or other tonight or tomorrow, then that would be a sure sign that she DID indeed cum at least once with her friend last Sunday night.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

I’m even

We arrived back from holiday last week to find that my new chastity device from Mature Metal was waiting at the Post Office to be collected. I had expected it to be delivered before the holiday, but International post delayed it. As it was it was an interesting conclusion to our holiday.

We had about two weeks, driving through countryside and mountains and enjoying staying in country hotels and eating in simple but good restaurants or in the hotels when they looked good. Being relaxed and having a bottle of wine with dinner every night meant that Heather, my wife, had felt more frisky than usual and we had made love almost every night. Heather always gets randy after a few drinks or a half bottle of wine. The only challenge is to get her to bed before she gets too sleepy or the effect wears off.

For anyone who has read about our love life, you will know that making love for us most of the time means Heather holding onto Percy while tickling herself with her trusty eroscillator. She usually fondles me to a solid erection and even brings me close to cumming before she lies back, takes Percy in her left hand and her eroscillator in her right hand and starts the job of bringing herself to an orgasm. The eroscillator works well for her, and she comes to her climax in anything from about 30 seconds to 10 minutes, depending on how much she has had to drink (the more the quicker) and how long since her last orgasm (the longer the quicker). Once she has come down from her orgasm, there is nothing Heather likes more, especially if she has had a drink or two than to drift off to sleep.

After she has cum herself, she used to ask me whether I wanted to cum either by her or me doing a hand job, but she has increasingly been getting irritated by the mess that me cumming makes, and has been offering a hand job less and less. She also likes to roll over and go to sleep and gets irritated with me disturbing her by tossing myself off after she has finished, especially if I need to clean up afterwards.

Perversely, I love her denying me orgasms, and for years have been trying to persuade her that keeping me locked up in a chastity belt would thrill me but at the same time ensure that she was the only one to orgasm, and save the mess and the irritation of me cumming once she has finished.

Heather is highly vanilla, and finds the idea of a chastity device unpleasant. I bought one a few years ago and tried to interest her in it with no success. I however, thoroughly enjoy being locked up and imagining Heather as my keyholder. Heather knows this, and accepts me locking myself up now and then so long as she doesn’t have to see me in it. She has no interest in being a keyholder.

Heather was a virgin when we met at the age of 29. At the time I was splitting up with my first wife, and Heather seemed like a Godsend. We loved each other with an intensity that has lasted for over thirty years now.

Anyway, now to the present.

While we were on holiday we talked (as we always do) for hours in the car. And on occasion the conversation turned to sex. I told Heather that I had ordered a new Mature Metal Jailbird, which I had hoped would arrive in time for me to play with on holiday but it hadn’t come. Heather was a bit pissed off with me for “wasting money” on it, but generously and reluctantly conceded “well if it makes you happy – just don’t ask me to make love to you when you are wearing it and don’t expect me to look after the key”. One more fantasy blown out of the window!

We also wandered off into talking about sexual experiences, and I teased Heather about whether she had even seen another cock other than mine in the flesh. She has always loved her orgasms, and I suspect that she at least had heavy petting sessions and even mutual hand jobs with her boyfriends before she gave her virginity to me, but she keeps her experiences very much to herself, and would not be drawn this time either. I have often, when we have had these discussions, said to her that it is unfair that I have had more varied experiences and she has had only me. This time as we talked, I told her that I had only made love properly with one other person in my life and that had been my first wife. I had various heavy petting sessions with other women but only the one bed partner. Heather was surprised as she said that she thought that I had had a lot more sex partners in my past. Something in the way she expressed her surprise made me think that she actually felt more threatened by the fact that I had only had two partners – her and my first wife – than if I had had a host of previous partners.

We arrived home after our holiday to find a note from the Post Office to say that a parcel was waiting for me, and I went straight to collect it, and sure enough it was my Jailbird. I couldn’t wait to try it, and slipping into the bathroom put it on. To my delight, a perfect fit, and far more comfortable than any other device I have ever had. So much so that I had completely forgotten about it as we headed off to bed, and just remembered in time to leave my under shorts on as I came to bed – my usual sign to Heather that I was locked up for the night.

True to her word, Heather expressed disappointment as she said she had fancied making love but was not going to while I was “locked up in that device”.

The Jailbird stayed on overnight, and being so comfortable, I decided to see how long I could wear it. My previous record with a CB6000S was three days.

The next couple of nights, we ended up going to bed late and tired, so despite my remaining locked up Heather did not seem very bothered about it, and certainly made no reference to “not making love while [you are] locked up in that device” again.

Saturday night we went to a party, which started early and finished early, so we both arrived home mellow and not too tired. At bedtime my under shorts and the implied lock-up was greeted with annoyance, as Heather repeated her intention not to make love to me while I was locked up. I did suggest to her that she could just use her eroscillator by herself – I love it when she does that – but she was feeling bolshy and just read her book and went to sleep without even a bedtime snuggle.

Sunday, and we were now into day five of me wearing the Jailbird, and I was still finding it very comfortable.

Heather had been invited to go back to the previous town where we had lived for a garden party and a sing-along with the semi-professional choir that she used to sing with. As I don’t sing very well, and certainly not to their standard, I wasn’t overly keen to sit around for a couple of hours while they sang madrigals and church music, so we’d agreed Heather would go alone, and I would make a special supper for her for when she got home.

I spent most of the day doing odd jobs and around 7pm the phone went and I saw that it was Heather’s number from the display. I was expecting her to tell me that she was on her way home and that I could start to cook supper, so was rather taken aback when she said that there had been rather a lot of drink around and that she had (with encouragement) partaken of too much to drive home, and that one of the choir members had suggested she should stay the night with HIM rather than drive home.

I asked who it was that she was staying with, as I knew them all, but rather hesitantly she said that she would rather not tell me. When I asked why, she was quiet for a long time, and then said in the firm voice that she uses when she is not to be argued with, that her prospective host had been flirting and attentive to her all afternoon and that she quite fancied him and he clearly fancied her. She then reminded me of our conversation in the car and said that I had encouraged her to experience another cock, and since she only needed to experience one more cock to be equal in variety to me and also that both because of the drink and because I had been locked up for five days and “neglecting her” that she was feeling randy. After blurting all that out in one long sentence, she then said rather hesitantly that if I couldn’t handle it she would turn him down, have a coffee and stay with someone else – but that she doubted that at her age [she is 60] the circumstances would ever come together with another opportunity like this and she would really like to “give it a whirl”.

To say I was gobsmacked would be an understatement, and all kinds of thoughts flew through my mind. I realised that Percy was rock solid (as much as he could be in the jailbird). As well as what my cock was telling me, I thought that I would be being hypocritical to deny her the chance, especially after not only teasing her about her one-cock experience, but also suggesting (albeit a number of times in the heat of sexual play) that she should take another lover.

“So long as you tell me all about it”, I managed to croak out. “We’ll see”, she replied in her voice that implies “No way”. “But you can always toss yourself off thinking about me”, she said softly.

“I can’t – I’m locked up and I put the key in your handbag”, I replied nervously. Heather refuses to be my keyholder knowingly and hates being my keyholder by default when I put the key in her car or handbag.

“Serves you right”, she hooted with laughter, and hung up.

It is now 11pm on Sunday night. She hasn’t come home or phoned again, but about an hour ago I received a short text. “I’m even!” it said.