Saturday, June 01, 2013

Heather's Fantasy or "Thank God that's the last time"

Two years ago, Bill, my husband and I were in our late forties and our sex life was boring. We made love in a traditional manner, with a little bit of petting and then I would get my vibrator out as he had never been able to bring me to an orgasm with penetration. As I loosened up as a result of the vibrator and came close to orgasm I would invite him to enter me, which nearly always ruined my orgasm each time, and Bill would pump half a dozen strokes and cum in me. Persistence with my vibrator usually brought me off and my orgasm would push Bill’s now limp and tiny dick out.

Hardly exciting.

You might ask why I didn’t just complete my orgasm before inviting him in, which is a good question. The main reason is that I tightened up after orgasm so much that Bill could not enter me without hurting me.

As a result, I was unenthusiastic about sex and found excuses as much as possible. Our sex life got less and less frequent, and on his last birthday I found yet another excuse not to go to bed after lunch with him to give him his “birthday treat”. Bill snapped at me that he may as well be castrated for all the sexual enjoyment he got.

I was amazed to find that I got immediately wet between my legs, and for the rest of the day every time I thought about what he had said, this excited glow spread out from my sex keeping me wet and horny. When we eventually did go to bed, I surprised him by inviting him straight in to me and told him just to finish off inside me quickly – without my vibrator.

He was delighted, but amazed and asked me what brought that on – to which I lied and said that I just wanted to give him his birthday present after all.

He turned over and went quickly to sleep, leaving me with cum leaking out. As I turned over his suggestion about castration over and over in my mind, I used his cum as lubrication and stroked myself to orgasm after orgasm until I fell asleep from exhaustion.

The following day, while he was out at work, I sat at our computer and Googled “human male castration”. I was so interested in what I found that I read almost all of the stories. Particularly ones where the man voluntarily was castrated to please his wife.

Over the next few weeks, this kept going round and round in my mind and I surprised my husband by being enthusiastic about frequent love making. This time it was my husband who found that he couldn’t keep up with my demands. I kept asking him to come in and pleasure me without using my vibrator and he failed miserably, either cumming in ten strokes or (with me demanding sex every day and sometimes twice), he just couldn’t even keep an erection. Each time, after he had cum prematurely (or failed to keep it up), but always failing miserably to bring me to orgasm, I would close my eyes, imagine he was castrated, and bring myself off in front of him berating him for his failing to please me.

Night after night masturbating to the idea of my husband being castrated, I eventually rounded on him and it was my turn to tell him that for all the good he was to me, he might as well be castrated.

He responded vehemently that it might make for a quieter life if he was, as then there would be no question about whether he could or he couldn’t get it up, and I could just masturbate in peace.

We just looked at each other in stunned silence and then I pulled him into my arms and we just went to sleep in each other’s arms.

The following night, I told him that I had looked up male castration on the internet and told him about some of the sites I had found. He thought I had only been looking that day, and he did not realise that I had been looking at these sites for weeks, and I didn’t let on.

Rather shyly, he suggested I show him and we browsed mostly stories together. The ones about men being castrated by their wives, or men being castrated for their wives, were the most interesting to us. We talked it over at great length, and I asked my husband if he would consent to castration if I asked him to. He thought about it for quite some time before he answered that if I wanted him castrated, that he would consent to have them cut off.

My sexual demands and his ability to meet them did not improve, and the more we talked about it, the more interested we became in really having him castrated.

After one disappointing night while we were on holiday in a hotel, with a bathroom with lots of mirrors in it, he stepped out of the shower and I could see that his balls were hanging real low. I told him that his cock would really look better without those big balls hanging there. That's all I had to say. He told me that when we got back home that he was going to get castrated, and be done with my innuendos.

I asked him if he really meant it and he said yes. I told him that I would go along with that decision if he truly wanted to be castrated. I asked him what I would do if I got horny, and needed more than masturbation once in a while. He told me that he would orally satisfy me or I could find a lover on the side if I needed a cock. He said he wouldn't mind if I had sex with another man as long as he was the one I came home to.

When we got home, we looked for a surgeon who would do the castration for us. We made the arrangements and when the day came, early in the morning we drove to the private hospital where the procedure would be carried out.

When we were let in to see the surgeon, he made us feel very comfortable and talked through with us why we wanted the procedure. He reminded us that Bill would never be able to father any more children (we are empty nesters) and that we would both need to sign a consent form. He then told us that after the operation, Bill’s sexual desires and ability to have an erection would both decline and that after anything from two weeks to six months his desires and ability would be zero. He was pretty blunt, obviously making sure we both wanted this and also knew what it meant. Bill was adamant, but I couldn’t help noticing that he had an almost constant erection bulge in his trousers.

Finally, the surgeon asked if we were ready. I looked at Bill and asked him if he was ready to go through with it. He nodded that he was, and we both signed the consent form and I kissed him a thank you.

The procedure was set for an hour later, and we were shown to a private single bed hospital room. Soon a nurse arrived, a rather pretty brunette, and she and I went with Bill into the bathroom and she proceeded to shave his genitals. Bill had a solid erection all the time, and the nurse suggested that I might like to help him with it, and smiling left us in peace. I persuaded Bill over to the bed and, after putting a “do not disturb” notice on the door (there was no lock), I stripped off and rode Bill until he shot his load in me. It took about five strokes, and looking at the disappointment on my face, Bill’s only comment was “thank God, that’s the last time”.

I waited while he took a shower, and put on a hospital gown, and we waited, holding hands, until the nurse came and took us both down to the theatre area.

Bill asked the nurse if I could watch, and I was shown to a room looking down into the theatre through a glass screen.

Bill was helped onto the operating table by the nurse and she arranged his gown and a towel over his legs so that his genitals were all you could see.

An anaesthetist came in and gave him about six injections in and around his balls and scrotum area. After about fifteen minutes, the anaesthetist came back with the surgeon, and after the anaesthetist checked that the local anaesthetic had done its job, the surgeon then asked him one more time if this is what he wanted. When he answered yes, he turned and picked up the scalpel, and began.

He first made an incision down the centre to the scrotum, and pushed his balls out of the sac. I must admit it excited me to see a man's balls outside of the sac. Next he cut the membrane around the right testicle and pulled the cord tight. He then put a clamp on the cord, and used suture material to tie off the cord, once that was done he cut the right testicle free and laid it in a small dish. He then repeated the same thing on the left side.

As he made the final cut on the left testicle and laid it in the dish with the right one , he looked up at me through the viewing window and asked me if I would like to keep them as a souvenir!

This all happened eight months ago. I really like his new look when I see him naked now. He has also kept the whole area hairless, and looks cute without his balls hanging down. He has no interest in initiating sex, and can’t get even a half erection any more. I have discovered oral sex and he has learned how to give me more pleasure when he goes down on me than ever he could with his penis. He takes his time and makes sure that I have an orgasm before he quits.

Even though our sex life is so much better, I have found that I miss a good hard penis, and when I said that to Bill, he reminded me that I could take a lover.

I have twice accepted an offer from someone I met at work. Bill says he likes it when I come home after being with my lover, because I have that after sex glow about me. He also says he gets satisfaction knowing that another man has had sex with me and it's just the thought of knowing there has been a cock in me and has left a nice big load of cum in there. He tried to eat me once after I had just had sex with my lover, but I wouldn't let him.

The more I think about it, I think that the next time I will tell Bill that if he wants to eat another man’s cum out of me, he is more than welcome. It could be quite exciting.

It just surprises me that so many men are willing to be voluntarily castrated and to give up their balls and sex life. I never would have ever imagined that if I hadn't read all these stories of men doing just that, and to see my husband so easily consent to be castrated, and like it.

I just wonder how many more men out there are willing to have their balls cut off.

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