Saturday, March 28, 2009

My modest five

Over the last few years I have slowly been able to persuade my lovely wife Heather that her orgasm is the most important thing in our lovemaking. She admitted that she never particularly found my entering her very exciting, and on many occasions complained that it only made her uncomfortable and (even worse) that having to “clean up the mess afterwards” spoiled her just being able to drift off to sleep. So over time her favourite position has evolved to having me lie alongside her, caressing her breasts with my free hand and with my erect Percy rubbing against her thigh where she nearly always grasps it in her left hand as she guides her favourite vibrator in her right to bring her to orgasm.

After her own orgasm, at first she would always ask me if I would like to cum myself, either wanking me, or getting me to continue to rub myself against her side until I came, or persuading me to wank myself. Heather has always been loving and considerate, and would never say anything, but I could see that all she really wanted to do was snuggle down, and my cumming rather spoiled her basking in the afterglow and drifting quietly to sleep. Slowly over the last couple of years I persuaded her that I didn’t need to cum every time, and we moved to once a week, then once a fortnight and eventually to the point where I only came when the pressure became too much and I would spontaneously cum against her thigh, usually a she reached her own orgasm.

About once every three months, she would ask me to enter her, saying that she fancied the entirely different sensations, and although she would take much longer to cum, she would always cum more strongly and I nearly always came with her.

Astonishingly, I actually found that I really enjoyed being her sex slave in this manner, and that the frustration and sexual build up kept me feeling horny all the time. I found that I was far more attentive to Heather in every way, and my constant horniness made her respond to the point where we were making out as frequently as we had done in our first year or so of marriage. When we discussed this, she admitted that the focus on making the experience exactly what she enjoyed best was making her far more interested in responding than she had done for years.

So, to the last eighteen months.

Just after Christmas before last, I developed an infection in my apparatus and the subsequent investigation revealed a condition which while curable, would take quite some time, and the treatment meant that I should avoid both erections, but especially cumming. Cumming would be very painful, and a full blown erection would set back the delicate recovery of my apparatus generally.

We were horrified, as despite having been married 30 years, our new found lovemaking meant that we had been making love at least four times a week and usually every day (sometimes twice) when on holiday.

Initially I persuaded Heather to attend to her own needs during the day when I was out at work, or at weekends (or the occasional time when she felt really randy at bedtime), then to go to the bedroom on her own and use her vibrator alone.

However this didn’t work at all well for two reasons. The first was that over the years Heather had only very rarely made herself Cum without me turning her on first and me being there as part of the whole experience. She found that being on her own just didn’t work for her. The second was that I got a raging hard on thinking about her pleasuring herself, which was not helping my recovery at all.

The solution came in the guise of a CB6000 chastity cage that I had bought on a whim a couple of years earlier, and which Heather had disliked intensely so we had never used it. She thought that I had thrown it away, but I had hung onto it and had used it when I was away on business trips to stop me masturbating.

I hesitatingly told Heather that I thought I had a solution to our problem, and since she was beginning to feel quite frustrated at the situation herself, she didn’t blow me out when I sheepishly admitted that I still had the CB6000 and explained to her how it might work.

It did work. Perfectly.

We resumed our normal lovemaking, with me donning the CB6000 as we headed towards the bedroom (or even earlier in an attempt to get it on before the inevitable erection had a chance to get going). Snuggled up against her thigh in the usual position, she could now hang onto the cage as I lay against her. The CB6000 prevented me from getting a full blown erection and the limited one I could get did not appear enough to damage the healing process. Furthermore, the lack of sensation or ability to rub against her thighs meant that I didn’t have the painful orgasms that I had been warned about.

That worked for about three months, until one night Heather told me after we had made love, and unusually she had abandoned the process before she had her orgasm, that for the last few times she had been really fancying having me inside her, and because she couldn’t have me then each time we made love her craving was getting worse and worse to the point of her feeling so frustrated that she had not been able to cum without me up her.

Heather has never liked sex toys, which was one of her reasons for originally hating the CB6000. She had only taken to the vibrator out of the necessity to have speedy orgasms when the kids were young and could interrupt at any time. Anything else, such as dildos or bunny’s just never appealed to her. However, after a bit of research I persuaded her to let me buy a strap on dildo with a fairly unobtrusive harness. It was designed for men, and had a strap underneath the dlido mount to hold the man’s real cock and balls out of the way. After poring over the choice of dildo to clip onto the belt, we chose one that Heather felt looked most like mine and appeared to be the same size.

When it arrived in the post, a couple of days later on a Saturday morning while we were still lying in bed, Heather wanted to try it literally straight away. We often make love on a Saturday morning, a pleasure that started when we first met and were both working and continued after we had kids, because they both went to a private school that had Saturday morning lessons and Saturday afternoon sport.

However when we opened it we discovered that the dildo was considerably larger than we had thought from the picture (it turned out to be 7” long, against my modest 5”, and a similar increase in girth).

However, Heather had by now gotten herself so turned on that she decided to try it anyway, and having already donned the CB6000 before the postman had delivered the parcel, I proceeded to strap on the harness and clip the dildo in place while Heather looked on with amusement first at my caged apparatus being strapped underneath the harness, and then wide eyed as I clipped the dildo on.

I was soon alongside her, and she grasped the dildo pressed against her thigh in exactly the same way as she used to grasp Percy. She had chosen one in which the head was made out of a softish material which felt quite skin like, but the shaft (of necessity) was more rigid. As she started to build up using her vibrator she commented on how life-like it felt and told me to get some lubrication on it and put it to work.

The next few minutes were some of the most bizarre and erotic I have ever had in my life. My dear wife was lying on the bed in the warm morning sunlight, with her legs apart and her eyes half closed, and her vibrator playing over her clit as I positioned myself above her and slowly slid the well lubricated dildo into her waiting pussy.

It was crazy – I could see her eyes and mouth go wide in an expression of both sheer pleasure and amazement as the dldo slid into her, but I could not feel anything at all. Then almost immediately her face screwed up and her eyes closed and she screamed as she started to hump and grind her pussy against the dildo, pushing herself against the CB6000 as she tried to get more and more of it inside herself, cumming like I had never seen her cum before. And while she was getting off so conclusively on the feeling of my surrogate prick, I was feeling nothing at all except the pressure of Percy straining against the inside of the CB6000.

Heather had never ever had multiple orgasms, and always begged me not to touch her sensitive areas for at least fifteen minutes after she had her single short orgasm in the past, but now she just kept on cumming for what seemed like hours, but must have been about ten minutes. Every time I started to slow down or pull out, she would grab my arse with her spare hand and pull me back in deeper.

Eventually she quietened down and sensing that I slowed my thrusting down and just lay between her legs. A pool of pre-cum had accumulated in the end of the CB6000 and on my thighs and the sheets I had gotten so excited myself. She asked me to pull out and come and lie beside her again, which I did, and she grasped the dildo as it pressed against her side, grinned at me and then closed her eyes and went to sleep.

I didn’t dare move and disturb her, and she stayed asleep for nearly an hour and then woke up complaining that she was sore!

The dildo became part of our regular sex, but instead of wanting me inside her once every three months, it quickly became a common occurrence that she would want me to don the harness and dildo and satisfy her that way. I think it would have been every time apart from the fact that it was a bit of a hassle and made the love making sessions much longer, so weekday evenings we continued our former pattern of my lying beside her while she used her vibrator for a quick fix. Certainly when we went on holiday, the harness and dildo went with us and were employed at least daily and sometimes twice a day, only being set aside because she complained of being sore.

During these sessions, particularly if I could see her really getting off on the dildo, I would get so excited myself that I would cum spontaneously. At first it was agonising, as the doctor had warned, and I tried hard not to let it happen. As the months passed it became less painful as I healed, and eventually the pleasure outweighed the pain, but I still stayed locked up so that I would not gain full erections and possibly set the healing back again.

Then, three months ago the doctors pronounced me fully fit and told me that we could resume normal sex again.

Heather pretended to be delighted for me, and we celebrated by her letting me have normal sex with her for the first time in eighteen months. I could see from her expression that it was a disappointment to her and I could see that she hardly felt my five inches after her seven inch dildo had stretched her over the preceding year and a half. It wasn’t helped at all by the fact that I came in seconds, leaving her needing to finish off with her vibrator as I flopped out in a puddle of cum.

Heather insisted that we throw the dildo out, saying that we no longer needed it, and she made every effort to resume service as normal. But her orgasms were tame compared to what they had been like in the previous year, and our frequency fell right off.

Eventually, I managed to get her to talk about it after filling her up with the best part of a bottle of Chablis, and she admitted that she really missed the penetration and the size, and neither my lying beside her nor my five inches was working any more.

I immediately offered to buy a replacement dildo and resume using that, but she refused saying that the dildo had been OK as long as she had known it was a temporary stand-in because I was out of action, but she did not want to be using an artificial dick for the rest of our sex life together.

So, following her logic, I started trying to persuade her to take on a lover who had the necessary tackle to fit the need. Being Heather, that was initially out of the question, but a few weeks on and bedtime persuasion from me on top of and ever dwindling cellar of Chablis has been testing her resolve to the point where she told me last week that Chris, one of her schoolteacher work colleagues, who she had always liked, has gained a staffroom reputation for being well endowed.

I would never have ever expected her to even think of anyone else in those terms previously, but my persuading was obviously bearing fruit.

We bumped into him in the high street a couple of days after this revelation, and I suggested that we ask him over for dinner next week. Heather gave me a withering glare, but didn’t try and wriggle out of it and duly invited him. She gave me a hard time when we got home, and has said outright that there is no way that she would consider sleeping with him, but the seed is sown and I could see a distant look in her eyes as we discussed it. So he is coming on Thursday evening at 7pm, and I just happen to have forgotten that I have to be out at a work engagement that evening.

The cellar is restocked with Chablis and I have bought her a really attractive new slinky outfit which she has agreed to wear only because I will be there to chaperone her.

Pity I’ll have to phone up at 7.15 after he’s arrived, she’s dolled up and the food and drink are ready, and admit I’m tied up at work ‘till late.

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