Saturday, October 18, 2008

Home and Away

I recently started a new job, unfortunately a long way from home, and since it really isn’t a great time to try and sell a house at the moment, I am in lodgings during the week, and only going home at weekends.

Heather, my lovely wife, came with me to check over the lodgings that the personnel department at the new job suggested, and although the lodgings themselves are perfect, she was horrified to find that the landlady is a young, very attractive divorcee. She was further horrified to find that the city has a very large university population, and with the university being fundamentally arts oriented, there are a larger proportion of very attractive young girls than normal. The final nail in the coffin came when we called in to meet my new boss and Heather discovered that Chris was short for Christine rather than Christopher, and that Chris is about 40 and also pretty attractive.

When we arrived home, Heather firmly stated her piece. Since we have been regular four times a week people, and even more on holiday, Heather was very concerned about me being on my own from Monday to Friday especially with all that temptation around. To say that she was concerned was an understatement. She even suggested that I might give up the job, but since jobs in my sector are not easy to come by, we decided to look for another solution.

One idea was for Heather to come with me, but as I have said, selling the house looked difficult and a combination of her leaving her part time job, and incurring more costs of renting a flat for two, rather than midweek lodgings for one, made it too expensive. I suggested what I thought to be a very practical idea, which was that we should make sure we had plenty of sex at the weekends when I was home, and then I would be sure not to be tempted during the week. However, Heather was still unsure that this would be sufficient. That is when I made my big mistake, and reminded her of the CB6000 chastity cage that I’d bought some time earlier and that we had played with on and off (mostly off, because Heather was not enthusiastic about chastity play).

“Don’t be silly” was Heather’s response to that, and so we left the subject in abeyance.

Over the next couple of days, as the time for me to start the new job came round, Heather was increasingly agitated and frosty, and then on the Friday night just before I was due to start the job on the Monday, she said “Were you serious about wearing that Chastity device all week?”

I must admit to have been gobsmacked by the question, and stood there with my mouth open for a while, before finally realising that one of my fantasies was about to be realised, and hastily responded (but careful not to be too enthusiastic in case Heather got worried) with an affirmative.

We agreed that Heather would service me well over the weekends and then lock me in on Monday morning with one of the plastic tags rather than a padlock, as I was expecting to have to fly off at short notice to solve customer problems all over Europe, and we couldn’t risk the padlock and the airport scanners.

Monday came around, and off I went suitably locked up!

The job was great fun, and so I didn’t dwell too much on the CB during that first week. I was always very horny talking to Heather each night on the phone as we both lay in bed at opposite ends of the country. It was not helped by Heather’s slight teasing questioning about whether I was still locked up, and that she expected to see the tag with the same number on it intact when I came home on Friday evening.

The first Friday evening came, and Heather was able to check the number to her satisfaction and consequently snipped the tag off, and serviced me as planned all over the weekend.

The following week the same pattern was repeated, and I was getting quite used to this as we moved into the third week which was when things started to vary from the plan.

When I got back on Friday night Heather told ld me that she had felt sexy on the Wednesday after we had had our usual bedtime chat, and so had used her favourite vibrator. Did I mind?

Now, as well as having this fantasy about Heather locking me up, I have also had this ongoing fantasy about her getting sexually fulfilled by an Alpha male (I‘m definitely a beta). I immediately visualised her not just using her vibrator, but imagined a lover as well, and since she was snuggling me at the time and could clearly feel Percy twitch as she asked me, she decided (rightly) that I didn’t mind, and getting herself turned on recounting her tale, checked the tag and then let me out for some fun.

The following week, she admitted to having done the same twice, and getting the same response from Percy was obviously pleased and relaxed about it. I did not at this stage admit to her my fantasies about the lover, as I thought she might get annoyed and either stop her pleasuring herself, or at least stop telling me about it! Once again, she got excited telling me and once again we had some great sex.

So far, no problem. Right?. Wrong!

The following weekend when I got home, instead of letting me out on the Friday night, she said that she had used her vibrator every night while I was away, each time imaging me lying frustrated in my Chastity Cage and was actually feeling a bit battered and bruised and not feeling at all in need of making love.

“What about me!”, I demanded, a little petulantly.

“Well, I’m not letting you come in me, because I’m sore and I don’t feel aroused or interested”, Heather replied, “and I don’t fancy you messing up the bed spraying a week’s worth of cum all over”.

End of story!

Although I as frustrated by this, I also got a big thrill from Heather’s new dominant sexual assertion, so I shut up, and we went to sleep in each other’s arms, with me still sporting a well caged hard on which lasted all night!

Saturday afternoon is one of our favourite times for love making, and Heather relented on Saturday, and let me out for a good session.

Monday, once again, off I went duly caged. The week seemed very long, because each night as we talked Heather started to tease me more and more, and even started to use her vibrator while we were still talking. I got very aroused and frustrated hearing her pants and moans as it did its reliable job.

At the weekend, she repeated the denial on the Friday night, but normal service was resumed again on Saturday and Sunday. Not too bad for me, as I had been rather enjoying both Heather’s teasing during the week and her new sexual assertiveness, so missing Friday night’s release was a price worth paying for that.

The intensity of these evening sessions apart grew even more the following week and all pretence at modesty was dropped by Heather who openly teased me on the phone each night and subjected me to listening to her using her vibrator and coming noisily, only punctuated by her asked breathlessly whether I was still locked up safely and whether I was feeling uncomfortable and frustrated. Then Friday came around, and when I got home I was half expecting a repeat of the previous Friday’s denial, but was not expecting what transpired!

When we got to bed, Heather grabbed hold of my caged Percy and demanded that I lie there “while I tickle myself off”!

“I have been imagining you all caged up as I have tickled myself each night this week”, she said, “and now I want to feel your frustration and discomfort as I do it”.

Now this was a radical departure in behaviour for Heather, and for me the sensation was electric. I could feel her orgasm building and building as she lay there with her eyes closed, me nestling against her left thigh, and with her left hand firmly grasped around the Chastity Cage, whilst her right hand manipulated the her favourite vibrator.

She repeated the exercise on the Saturday afternoon and the Saturday evening, only relenting and finally giving me release on Sunday evening in preparation for the following week.

Now, this was beginning to get to me. I had gone down from four times a week to just one, and Heather had gone up from four times a week to eight! I didn’t mind her eight times, in fact I was in many ways delighted that she was getting so sexy, but I was getting pretty frustrated, and having a sexy landlady, a sexy boss and all the nubile students around was definitely not helping.

Fortunately my boss and I had build a professional and respectful relationship by now, and there was not the slightest chance of anything happening there, but on the days when she wore a low cut blouse or had plenty of thigh on show, I was grateful that the Chastity Cage was confining what would otherwise have been a noticeable bulge!

My landlady was different though. For some reason, she had sensed both that I was attracted to her. She could sense that I was getting increasingly agitated by her teasing but clearly wouldn’t do anything about it (she hadn’t realised that it was couldn’t as well as wouldn’t!). As a result she would flirt outrageously with me. Over breakfast, she would appear in her dressing gown whereas she had always been dressed to start off with. She would then make sure she leaned over the table to serve me my eggs and bacon, letting the top of her dressing gown to reveal that she didn’t wear anything in bed!

More than once, I came across her on the landing in the evening wearing only a bra and pants as she went to the family bathroom. I had the only en-suite bathroom, which was just as well, as I hate to think what her response would have been if she had seen e wandering around dressed only in my Chastity Cage, as I sleep in the raw always.

Anyway, back to Heather and the progression.

That week ended up much the same as the previous one, with Heather apparently deciding that what she had done the previous Friday and Saturday was an acceptable part of the routine, so she repeated it again, seemingly really getting off on holding on to the tangible proof of my frustration whilst she had ever stronger, longer and louder orgasms.

When on the Sunday, she teasingly suggested that she might keep me locked up yet again while she tickled herself, I made the mistake of blurting out about the temptations of the previous week intending to make her anxious to give me a good servicing. It backfired however, as Heather was furious, suggesting that she had been completely right insisting that I should be in the Chastity Cage, and refused to make love at all. I remonstrated, reminding her that I had not been unfaithful to her in any way, and wouldn’t have been titillated in this way if she hadn’t left me feeling under-satisfied the previous week.

She had calmed down by the time I left on Monday morning, but I still left home on Monday without any sexual relief and facing a second week caged up.

Much to my surprise, Heather didn’t do her sexy bit on the phone at bedtimes, and we just talked about our normal daily things. When I hinted at being sexy, she just grunted in a clear “not interested” manner. I was disappointed, but also felt that I needed to give her space and hoped we might get back to the previous pattern of chastity during the week and plenty of sex at the weekend. How wrong can you be?

That weekend, Heather did not appear very interested in making love, but grudgingly let me out for a short session at the end of the weekend.

Her lack of interest appeared to continue on our evening calls the following week, but when I arrived home on the Friday she was very strange at bedtime, and I sensed something was wrong.

We don’t keep secrets from each other, and it wasn’t long before it all came out.

She has always quite fancied a work colleague at the school she teaches at, and she admitted that she had realised that she not only needed to make love the four times a week that had been our previous pattern, but in more recent weeks she had realised that a) she actually could and did enjoy sex seven or eight times a week and b) she got a real thrill from teasing and denying me. And since I was not around to pay attention to her needs, she had accepted her colleague’s offer of a drink after school the previous Monday, which she had then allowed to turn into sex back at his flat. Not only that, but she had repeated the exercise every evening after school. No wonder she hadn’t been interested in phone sex with me!

Then she dropped the final bombshell, “and that includes today, as I had time before your flight got in. And so not only am I actually full of his cum right now, which is why I was reluctant to make love with you but also, having just had sex, I really don’t much feel like it with you!”. Ouch!

Apart from a couple of one night affairs, which were with my agreement (and even encouragement), Heather has not strayed independently, and hence her nervousness. All this was recounted to me while she hung on to my caged Percy and I’m afraid that Percy completely ruined any chance I had of being annoyed, by straining with a rock solid erection against the confines of his cage.

“I guess from the way this feels”, she said, hanging onto Percy, “that you are OK about this”.

What could I say.

The trouble is that Heather has now decided that not only does she enjoy the regular sex that I can not provide while since I am away all week, but actually she really gets off on thinking about me being locked up as she is making love with her “alpha male”. Not only that, but she now thoroughly enjoys telling me every detail of their evening love making when we have our nightly phone calls often needing to make herself cum again as she does so, and leaving me horribly frustrated as she comes audibly having described every nuance. Then at the weekends, she enjoys feeling me twitch and strain against the sides of the cage as she repeats the highlights of her adventures during the week.

It is now three months since I came inside her, and she only lets me out about once a month when I really beg her to let me

The problem is that I’m loving it. Not only being a cuckold to Heather, but feeling constantly frustrated and aroused by my landlady, my boss and all the tottie all around, and not being able to do anything about it!

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