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Can you see any reason why I should stop again - Saturday

This morning I overheard Heather on the telephone making arrangements for next weekend and I am sure that she is planning something, and I am in for another weekend of subspace experience.

This goes back to my tale from July 2007 “Can you see any reason why I should stop?”, which described when Heather finally took the plunge after much prompting from me and had a bit of a fling with another member of the choir she used to sing in. Much to my disappointment, she didn’t actually keep up with the affair, after initially saying that she would. She said that although she and the choir colleague had both enjoyed it, it was getting too complicated keeping it up without other members of the choir getting to know, and she was worried for our standing in the community if the others started talking about it. She actually kept up the pretence with me for about three months, during which she made me her sex slave and I hardly got to come at all and was almost permanently in my CB3000. Eventually though she wanted a dick inside her, and had to admit to me that she wasn’t actually getting serviced by her colleague and so normal sexual relationships were resumed, much to my relief on one hand and disappointment on the other. Anyway, Heather has not strayed since then, definitely much to my disappointment.

Since then, I have taken early redundancy and we have moved to live in what was our holiday cottage some distance away, so Heather has joined another choir locally to where we now live, and any chance of any further trysts with the fellow choir member that she fancied appeared to have disappeared. Or so I thought!

She has kept in touch with a number of her former choir friends, and a couple of months ago one of them, also an alto, came to stay for a couple of days and they chatted for hours about what was going on. Heather was obviously very nostalgic and saying how she missed her old choir friends, and this friend mentioned that a number of the people from their choir were going to a singing weekend with members of other choirs which is an annual event held in a conference hotel in the west country and suggested Heather might like to join them. I could see Heather was attracted to the idea, so I encouraged her to apply, and she managed to get one of the last places on the course, and arranged to share a twin bedded room with one of the other lady singers that she knows.

Which brings us back to today and the phone call Heather has just had making arrangements.

Heather did not know I had come back from the DIY shop and I heard her pick up the phone immediately it rang. I started to go through to see if the call was for me, but as I reached hearing distance I could hear that it was obviously for her, and was just walking away again when something she said made me stay listening in.

It was clear that the person that she was going to share a room with had dropped out, and it was the organiser calling Heather to re-arrange the room booking. The thing that caught my attention was when Heather responded that she was happy to keep the double room, as it was possible that I may be coming with her, so could she swap from a twin bedded room to a double bedded room. That clearly worked well for the organiser, who could now use the twin room to enable two singles to have their own beds rather than having to double up.

The reason that this exchange caught my attention was that I was not going with Heather, never had been, and Heather knew that I was committed to staying at home because of some voluntary work I was doing!

I was just about to say something, when the penny dropped and I held myself in check. When I had been encouraging Heather to go on this weekend course, I had not thought about her previous affair and that her partner in that affair could also be going on the same course.

I crept back out of the house and came back in banging the door and calling out “I’m back” to Heather.

After lunch, Heather indicated that she was up for a bit of love making, and just the way that she flirted with me made me pretty sure that something other than an imminent session with me was turning her on.

Now, as I said in my previous story, Heather knows about my chastity fetish and my liking to lock myself up in a CB3000 from time to time, but after the end of her previous affair (during which she made me stay in chastity for nearly three months without admitting that she had ended the affair!), she lost interest in my chastity desires and made it clear that she was not interested in joining in any more. However, remembering that she had wanted me locked up while she had that previous affair gave me an idea.

“Heather Darling”.

“Yes Bill”.

“You know that I’m very overweight after Christmas”, I said to her.

“Yes Bill, and you really need to shift some of that gut”, she replied sympathetically!

“I thought that I might lock myself in my Chastity Belt and ask you to look after the key, and not let me out again until I have got back down to thirteen stone again”, I said looking her straight in the eye.

Heather’s initial reaction started off as peeved, but very quickly something obviously clicked with her and she replied “That’s a good idea Bill, and you almost certainly will not have lost that weight before next weekend when I’m away at the singing course, so I will be certain that you won’t be playing around behind my back”. Although Heather never really believes I would cheat on her (and I wouldn’t), she knows that this makes a good justification in both of our fantasies.

Bingo! Now I was absolutely certain that Heather was planning to cuckold me again. It now only was a matter of time before she asked my permission (if ask is the right term!). I was certain that she would never cheat on me, but with my consent that would be another matter.

Now it was her turn to surprise me. “Why don’t you put it on now, and bring me the key in bed. You can give yourself some incentive to lose all that weight by giving me a good licking out and being denied yourself!”

Leaving Heather heading off to the bedroom, I went to my study and dug my new CB6000S which has now replaced my trusty old (and now worn out) CB3000. I like the CB6000. It is the most comfortable of all the devices I have tried over the years, and the CB6000S is about an inch shorter than the CB6000 which both fits me like a glove and also is so compact that it really doesn’t show under even tightish clothes.

Suspecting that I may be in it for a while, I applied E45 cream to my balls and dick and fitted the CB6000S with a slightly bigger ring than I use when I know I can let myself out at any time! I then put my undershorts back on and headed for the bedroom.

Heather had already started with her favourite vibrator but stopped and grinned at my shorts. “Take ‘em off, she demanded”, and as I handed her the key and embarrassedly obeyed she started to grin. “Now get to work with your tongue, but in a 69 position so that I can look at Percy cramped in that thing while I go off”.

Wow! Now any possible lingering doubt that she was up to something was obliterated. She had not wanted to see my CB at all in the last two years since her last affair, and now she wanted to inspect it closely in action!

I got to work with my tongue, and finding Heather incredibly wet herself I swelled in real discomfort and dribbled pre cum like mad as I was rewarded by having my balls fondled by Heather and her yelling as she had a really strong orgasm. Heather is normally a quiet cummer! Then she indicated that I should turn around and lie beside her, which I did, while she snuggled against me and CB in hand drifted off to sleep for half an hour while I throbbed with frustration and excitement.

The rest of the day has been as normal, apart from me being locked up in my CB while Heather knowingly has the key on a chain around her neck, and I’m wondering if and when she is going to say anything about next weekend.


As we went to bed last night, I couldn’t resist asking Heather whether her lover from 2007 would be there next weekend.

“I don’t know for certain”, she answered, “but would you mind if he is?” she replied.

“No”, I replied, “I thought that something was getting you all horny after lunch and since the only other time you have been prepared to play CB games with me was when you were shagging with him, I kind of guessed he might be there”.

Heather hit me with a pillow. “You bastard”, she said with a laugh. “You know me too well Bill. I was wondering when and how to ask your permission, but I guess your suggestion about your toy and your useless erection squishing against the sides of that thing and your performance with me this afternoon all says that I have your permission”.

“Do I have a choice”, I replied.

“Yes”, Heather answered. “You know you do, but if you give me another licking out right now, then I’ll take it as your permission to go ahead – although I was telling you the truth when I said that I don’t know for certain”.

I searched for the logic in this. If I gave her another orgasm, while I stayed locked up and denied, then she would take it as my express permission to take a lover. Some female logic! But Heather also knows me well, and knows I love licking her.

Duly, I got to work with my tongue, and assuming that she wanted to watch my discomfort again, was rewarded with a flick of Heather’s tongue around my balls and the tip of Percy sticking painfully through the gap at the end of the CB6000S, as Heather had another noisy orgasm.

She sighed contentedly, and snuggled up against me for a few minutes before drifting off to sleep while I tossed around waiting for Percy to subside enough to get myself to sleep.

After lunch Heather asked me if I would like to perform again. Three times in 24 hours is very unusual for Heather, and I teased her with pointing it out.

“Amazing what happens when I don’t have to suffer your Percy being shoved up me” was her reply.

Despite the insult (or maybe because of it, as her insult caused an almost instant erection, as I suspect she knew it would), I duly obliged although this time with my finger rather than my tongue, although Heather’s noisy conclusion sounded just as intense.

“That’s it”, said Heather after waking from her post orgasmic snooze. “No more sex before I go away next weekend, I want to save myself for that now”

“And what happens if he isn’t there”, I asked.

“I’ll have to make myself go off”, she replied.

“And how will you be able to do that if you are sharing a room with another woman?” I asked innocently.

Heather had the grace to look a bit embarrassed as she confessed that she would have a double room to herself.


So much for “No more sex before I go away next weekend”. Should have been “No more sex for you before I go away next weekend!”.

Heather is obviously getting more turned on by thinking about what may happen next weekend than she was prepared for.

I woke up in the early hours of the morning to feel the bed shaking. Heather was obviously giving herself a good tickle and was clearly getting close to the point of no return. Now this was novel. Not only Heather getting turned on in the middle of the night, which tends to happen only once or twice a year nowadays, but she has always woken me up in the past, usually by fondling Percy to an erection and with the command to “come on and get that thing up me”!

Not this time. I stayed still just listening, with Percy getting very uncomfortable in my CB6000S, while Heather kept accelerating the pace until finally rocking gently and desperately trying to keep her gasps muted. It was so erotic I thought I was about to come in sympathy, but the pain of the rock hard erection in the CB prevented that.

Heather rolled back onto her side, and within 30 seconds was obviously back asleep. It took me about an hour to do the same.

When we woke up in the morning, I asked Heather casually as she was dressing “Did I feel you giving yourself a tickle in the middle of the night”.

“Maybe”, she replied (meaning “Yes, but I’m not gracing you with a straight admission”).

“What got you going”, I asked her.

“What do you think”, she replied with a sly smile.

It’s going to be a long week and an even longer weekend!


Heather has gone to her course. She left quite early yesterday morning after breakfast, because she was supposed to be there in time for lunch and then the course starting straight after lunch. We had both taken the day off, Heather because she needed to be at the course by lunchtime, me, because I didn’t think my brain would let me do any sensible work anyway, and since my job involves a lot of driving I didn’t think going into subspace while driving would be very wise.

When we got up, Heather had rather ruefully said that she fancied some love making, but we (note the we!), had decided not to make love again this week so she could “save herself”. Logical?

Anyway, first of all she gave me the key to my CB6000S and supervised me while I showered and washed both Percy and the CB6000S thoroughly.

“Since you will be locked up until I get back on Sunday, and I will have the key with me, I don’t want you getting sores or infections”, she said.

As I have said before, Heather has not been very keen on my use of the CB6000S, so her checking me over in this way has been quite a novelty, and an exciting one at that. But what happened next blew me away, and very nearly made me come spontaneously. Heather then took the padlock off me just as I was about to put it on, and carefully slotted it through the end of the locking pin, and then looking me straight in the eyes with the faintest of smiles and fondling my balls in one hand she snapped it firmly shut with her other hand and with what sounded like a very loud click.

Then she asked me to help her with her packing. This was another first because she usually hates me being around while she is packing to go away. I wondered what was going on and so I was not surprised when she started teasing me by asking me which underwear she should pack, and whether she should take a nightie or not.

She packed all the sexy underwear that she only ever wears just to turn me on – those are the ones I have bought her, but she rarely wears, complaining that they may be sexy but they are too uncomfortable.

She left a very slinky pink set of underwear out that I had bought her as a Valentine present from Ann Summers, and after getting me to soap her down in the shower and then massage her with one of her special Dior creams that I gave her for Christmas, she put her matching pink bra and panties together with a very unsuitable skirt and blouse – at least unsuitable for a serious singing weekend.

Quick breakfast, a dab of perfume behind each ear, and then she was off

I asked her to let me know when she was safely there, because it is quite a long drive from where we live down to the south coast, and the weather had been pretty horrid, and so I was pleased and amused to receive a text at about 12.30 merely saying “He’s here too”.

I tried to do some jobs around the house that I’d promised Heather that I would get done sometime, and succeeded in quite a number. I knew that would please her when she got home on Sunday evening. I think I watched some Television, but frankly spent most of my time in my fantasy land close to subspace.

Heather and I nearly always call each other at bedtime when either of us is away from home, and so I wasn’t expecting to hear from her until late. Mind you, the evening was wonderfully exciting as I let my imagination run amok about what Heather might be doing. I was feeling horribly frustrated after a week in the CB, and was very tempted to try and get some relief, but everything I tried just left me feeling uncomfortable, sore and even more frustrated. The closest I came to success was playing the shower over my balls when showering ready for bed.

The phone call finally came at about 11.30pm.

Despite all my exotic imagining about what Heather might have been up to, nothing had happened at all.

“The course ran right through until 10pm, doing a full day’s work and only stopping for a quick dinner – we did theory all afternoon and then split into groups for some practise work after dinner – and no, HE was not in my practise group”, she told me.

“So what have you been doing for the last hour and a half”, I asked hopefully.

“I’ve been in the bar with the rest of all my old friends, swapping news”, she said, and then reeled off a list of about 20 names of people that she used to sing with in the old choir who had also gone on the course. I listened intently for any stressed syllables to give me any indication which one was her sexual partner, but she either didn’t list his name or else hid it well.

“Was HE there in the bar”, I asked.

“Yes”, she replied.

“And?” I asked.

“And nothing”, she replied and continued, “We didn’t get a chance to make any assignment, and since he wasn’t expecting to see me I wasn’t going to be an absolute tart and throw myself at him”

“Better leave your door unlocked”, I said. “Did you tell him your room number?”

“No I didn’t”, she said, “But he saw which room I am in, as we all came up to bed at the same time – however he doesn’t know that I’m not sharing with someone else”.

“So what now?” I asked.

“We’ll see what happens tomorrow”, she replied. “We are working all day, but finishing at 5pm and then there is a relaxed course dinner tomorrow night, and we will be in the bar both before and after that”

“In the meanwhile, I think I fancy using my vibrator”, she said.

I asked Heather to call me back when she was in bed and ready for her tickle. About 10 minutes later she called back and I persuaded her to leave the phone turned on by the bed while she pleasured herself. With a chuckle she asked “Are you still locked up”, to which I reminded her that she had the only key in her possession.

“What’s in this for you then?” she asked, “you can’t even join in”.

“That’s what’s exciting”, I replied.

“You mad foolish boy”, she said, “Well here goes”.

She was obviously under the duvet as I could only just hear her vibrator, but it only lasted about three minutes anyway before I heard her characteristic moaning, shortly followed by a click as she disconnected the phone call, no doubt to drift off to sleep in her post orgasmic haze.

I was very uncomfortable, with Percy really solidly pushing against the walls of the CB6000S, but I compounded the pain as I must admit that I spent part of the night fantasising about Heather leaving her door unlocked and ...!

Can you see any reason why I should stop again – Sunday

I’m a nervous wreck. I was expecting Heather to call me some time in the morning to tell me what was happening, but I didn’t get a phone call until around 10pm by which time my imagination and my frustration was at a massive level. A friend phoned up and asked me if I’d like to go round for dinner, as he knew Heather was away, but since I fancy his wife and was already leaking pre-cum like mad I thought I might embarrass myself and so declined.

Just as well, as I would have still been out when Heather phoned, and she was keen to get my approval for her plans for the evening.

“We have had dinner, and what with the wine at dinner and drinks in the bar before and after, I am feeling very mellow”, she informed me, “and HE has been flirting with me whenever the others have not been watching”, she added.

“I think, if I were to tell him that I have the double room to myself then he would be interested. Are you OK with that Bill?”

“And if I’m not?” I teased.

“Tough” she replied, “because I’m pretty much already past the point of no return.

“Any chance of leaving the phone on?” I asked.

“I’m not sure”, she replied, “I don’t want you recognising his voice”.

“Then tell him that the walls are paper thin, so not to talk”, I advised her.

“We’ll see then”, she replied, “Just answer the phone and don’t say anything if I do call, and if I don’t then sweet dreams”

“Not much point in me wishing you sweet dreams”, I replied, “because it doesn’t sound like you’ll be getting much sleep”. Then with “I love you” from each of us to the other we rang off.

I hurried to shower and get into bed because I wanted to be ready for Heather’s possible call.

As I lay there with the phone beside me, I started to fantasise about Heather’s activities and sometime along the way disappeared into the semi dreamlike euphoric state of sub space. I was imagining my lovely wife cuckolding me and wondered as the time went on if she was even thinking of me as she made passionate love to this man. I certainly thought she had forgotten about me as the clock ticked around first one hour, then two and finally three. It was now after 1am and I had still not gone properly to sleep but was having one of the mentally most exciting nights of my life.

With a sudden shock I heard the phone ring and I grabbed it. Almost automatically I was about to say “Bill here”, when I remembered Heather’s instruction and looking at the screen saw it was indeed Heather’s mobile phone.

I heard a clatter, which I took to be Heather setting down the phone on her bedside table, and then the distant sound of a toilet flushing and I realised that HE must have gone to the loo. Did that mean that they hadn’t done anything yet or was he just cleaning off afterwards.

I soon got my answer.

“Come on big boy, I fancy a re-run”, I heard Heather say.

“A third time”, I heard the reply, “Doesn’t that Husband of yours satisfy you”.

“Normally”, I heard Heather say, “But I’ve had his tiny little cock locked up for a week in anticipation of having another session with your big weapon”, she continued.

Ouch! I’d never heard Heather complain about my size before, and now I was powerless to do anything about it. I wondered about shouting down the phone, but then realised that I was throbbing with more sexual excitement than I had ever felt in my life and more than anything I wanted to hear him giving my wife the satisfaction she always deserved, so I kept quiet and was rewarded by hearing passionate kissing noises, followed by a distinct squelch and a gasp from Heather which could only mean one thing.

I then heard rhythmic noises and it suddenly dawned on me that HE was taking Heather to her orgasm using only his cock. I realised that Heather might have not just been teasing me about my size with her “tiny little cock” comment, as we have always relied on her using her vibrator to get her to her orgasm whenever we make love.

I lay there doing everything I could to join the tangible rise to a sexual peak that was coming down the phone, by tweaking my nipples and stroking the sensitive area under my balls. But try as I could the constraint of the CB6000S was doing what it was supposed to do and was preventing me from getting a strong enough erection to cum myself.

The sounds got more and more frenzied until I finally heard Heather’s characteristic cumming sounds, but at a pitch and volume of 10 out of 10, where by comparison my efforts only achieved a 3 out of 10. That was shortly followed by the sound if HIM grunting and I realised he was emptying his balls into my lovely wife.

I wondered if she was using any protection!

“Come on big boy, fill me with your cum”, I heard her say. I guess I had my answer.

I heard the sounds of contentment that I recognise as Heather’s post coital relaxation, and then the same click as the previous night as the phone was disconnected.

Wow – am I looking forward to Heather getting home and giving me the whole story.


It’s three o’clock Monday morning, and I can not sleep.

Heather phoned me about 8.30am and asked how I was feeling. I told her that I hadn’t slept much, but how much I had enjoyed my subspace experience of imagining what she was up to.

“Well, that’s OK then”, she said, “because I’m sore and now that HE’s gone back to his room to get showered, I’m just about to have a bath to try and relieve my tender parts. Then I have another full day’s work. We finish about 4pm, and I will be straight home. Should arrive about 8.30pm. I love you”

“I love you too. And thank you”, I replied as she hung up.

The day seemed pretty tame as it was difficult getting excited about her doing her course, and so I spent most of the day catching up with our accounts. Little did I know what she was getting up to. Anyway, about 6pm I got a text saying “Just leaving, c u at 10”.

What had she been doing for the last two hours? They were supposed to finish at 4pm.

I sat down and wrote yesterday’s blog, watched Pretty Woman again, and then started to make supper for when she arrived.

Heather breezed in looking absolutely glowing almost exactly on 10pm as she had promised, and gave me a really warm kiss during which she fondled me through my trousers in the way I know she does when she wants to see if I am still wearing my CB6000S.

Chuckling at her obvious check, I asked her why she was so late and whether she would like the supper I had prepared.

“Let’s leave the supper a while”, she replied, “and first I’ll show you why I was later leaving. Come on upstairs with me.”

I duly followed her up, and when we got to the bedroom she told me to get undressed and lie down on the bed. I had a funny idea that I knew what was coming and Percy started to rise uncomfortably.

“Come on”, she demanded, starting to sound a bit annoyed as I took my time. “I want to see that you are still locked up and haven’t been playing or relieving yourself while I’ve been away”.

I complied, and lay down on the bed naked except for my CB6000S.

Heather examined the package, tugged hard to satisfy herself that I was rock solid and also apparently looking to make sure that I couldn’t have got out.

Satisfied, she started to peel her clothes off bit by bit, finally ending up standing naked except for her tights and knickers.

With an obvious flourish that was intended to say “watch carefully”, she peeled off one pair of tights and much to my surprise then a second pair that she had been wearing underneath. I could see that she also had two pairs of knickers on.

She climbed onto the bed, then stood above my head and then pulled down her knickers and stood astride me with her legs apart clearly revealing the reason she had been wearing two pairs of knickers and two pairs of tights.

Her pussy lips were still gaping, and with the padding all removed, clear globs of white cum were beginning to appear and run down her thighs. As one drop detached and dropped onto my face, Heather took this as her cue and turning round to face my feet she crouched down firmly placing her pussy over my mouth.

“The Conference Centre said that they didn’t need the rooms until Monday, so we could leave our stuff in them until we left, and so it seemed like such a good opportunity, and since I’m likely never to see HIM again, we made use of the bedroom at lunchtime and then carefully planned this reward package for you which HE obliged with twice after the course finished and before we parted. It was his idea to package it all up for you, although I had to give him my pink Knickers as a souvenir as his reward”.

And wriggling her pussy, she started to give me instructions to enjoy her present and clean her up properly. As I got to work, Heather came noisily, squeezing out more cum in the process, and then rewarded me by leaning forward and running her tongue up and down the area beneath my balls that is so nicely presented up by wearing the CB6000S.

That was it for me – I started to feel my own cum rising despite the agony of my erection being squeezed inside the CB6000S.

“I’m cumming”, I gasped, nearly suffocating under her pussy.

“Oh no you don’t”, replied Heather, removing her tongue and grabbing my balls hard in her hand.

“You clearly have not reached your target weight yet, and I’m not spoiling all your motivation by letting you cum now”.

That’s why I’m still awake at 3am with the worst case of Blue Balls I’ve had since I was seventeen.

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