Sunday, November 11, 2007

Deny yourself by all means

This tale starts three months ago when I arrived home from the USA from a ten day business trip to both the East and West coasts, ending up with the long overnight flight back from Los Angeles, arriving in the early afternoon into Heathrow.

While I was away, I indulged in my fantasy play based around my wife, Heather, being my dominant mistress who makes me wear my CB3000 whenever I am away from her, and even imagining that it is a permanent fixture.

In fact nothing could have been further from the truth. Although my wife knew that I had the CB3000 and fantasised about her being dominant with me, she actually was always too caring to want to deprive me (her words) and in fact really did not want to be involved with chastity play or be involved with the CB3000 at all.

Heather knew, because I told her, that I would play the submissive slave role out by putting on my CB3000 before I left home on these trips, and would keep it on until I got home again at the end of the trip. All the time secured by one of the plastic tags that do not set off the security alarms at the airport. She thought I was mad, but since I was away from her and it didn't affect her, she would say "Deny yourself by all means, but don't expect me to do the same", and I knew she meant that her favourite vibrator would be pressed into service when she felt like it, even if I denied myself.

I initially tried to get Heather involved with "tease and denial" at home, but she was not interested. However over the last two years, I encouraged her to focus on her own needs in the bedroom and had been making some headway with persuading her that she did not always have to accommodate me inside her, if she felt sexy but didn't want the bother of all the mess of me going off inside her. And so a form of "tease and denial" had been initiated. After a while of her asking whether I wanted her to give me a hand job after she had finished her own orgasm after these love making sessions, I had also persuaded her that I didn't need to be finished off. She came to realise that I did in fact enjoy this soft form of "tease and denial" and because this didn't require her actually to do anything other than enjoy sex, she tolerated it. She admitted that I had become a pretty attentive lover, and that my technique was such that she always had a really strong orgasm. She had muttered a bit about missing a good cock every now and again, but she didn't seem all that bothered as she seemed content to have me make her go off.

The overall effect of this was that she was willing to make love far more frequently (which I thoroughly enjoyed), although the times I went off inside her was becoming fewer and fewer (which I also perversely enjoyed).

Anyway, back to three months ago.

When I arrived at Heathrow, I was met by my usual taxi to take me home, and driving along the M4 the phone rang. It was Heather.

She had just popped out of work to welcome me back home, and to warn me that she had to go out to a club that she was involved with in the evening, but that she was going to be home from work as soon as she could to see me first.

When I got home I quickly unpacked as usual and had a shower and fresh set of clothes, and waited in anticipation for Heather to get home.

She wasn't long, but instead of our usual enjoyable re-union and a rush of exchange of stories about the time apart, I was very surprised when she announced that she wanted to "have a quickie" before she went out.

Not being one to turn such an offer down, it must have taken me all of 20 nanoseconds to get stripped off and between the sheets. Heather quickly followed and discovered to her pleasure that Percy was well risen for the occasion.

"Has poor little Percy been locked up while he was away from his little pussy", she teased, fondling Percy with one hand, and grabbing her vibrator in the other. "Well you might as well have stayed in your little cage because you're going nowhere just now. I don't have time to clean myself up before going out".

Wow! This was a radical departure for Heather, who had never before showed anything other than distaste for the CB3000, and always our first love making session after I was away included me coming inside Heather as I had by definition already been denied for a week or more. She always used to believe that I needed relief after being away from her for a week or more.

I didn't have much time to think about it though, as it took her less than five minutes to get to a crashing orgasm as my fingers fondled and her vibrator did the hard work.

There was no offer of "finishing you off" for me, and she kissed me sexily as she hurriedly pulled her clothes back on and headed out to her club, leaving me feeling as exhausted as if I had been in the middle of a whirlwind (which is what it felt like!)

After she went out I was tempted to finish myself off, especially as for years Heather has been a once (at the most) a day girl and so satisfaction later on was most certainly not assured. However, I mused that since I fantasised over "tease and denial", actually I had just been given what I craved, so resolved to see how the rest of the night panned out.

Heather usually arrives home just after 9pm from her club, so I waited up for her despite being tired. By 9.30pm she hadn't shown up, and so I though that she must have gone with the crowd for a drink, which is not unusual in itself, but she usually does call me up and tell me, and I usually go and have a drink with them all and walk her home. Anyway, I wasn't worried, and sure enough she arrived home at around 10.30pm, saying that she hadn't called me because I might have gone to sleep, and explaining that her flushed appearance was from her walking briskly back from the pub to see me.

This time, we exchanged all our news about the week, our kids (who have both left home) and I gave her the present of a set of hand made earrings which I had bought for her. She gave me a really big hug for those!

I pleaded that I was tired from jetlag, and so we headed for bed.

As we settled down, I thought to sleep, we snuggled together and as we clung to each other she said to my amazement "Let's make love again, I want to say thank you for the earrings".

Once again though, she said she would prefer me not to come in as "these are clean sheets, and anyway you get more excited by not coming in so I'm giving you a special thank you aren't I?"

As I fondled Heather and slid a finger up her, she was very wet, which made my denial even more sweet and frustrating. Her extra wetness intrigued me, and I thought that her new assertiveness and positive role in "tease and denial" must be turning her on.

Afterwards, we snuggled again and then went to sleep. As I drifted off, feeling frustrated but happy, I puzzled a bit over the evening. Surprise number one: Heather had jumped on me as soon as we met up, whereas usually we talk and may be make love at bedtime. Surprise number two: she had not wanted me in, whereas she usually does first time after we have been apart. Surprise number three: she wanted to make love again a few hours later, whereas she hasn't wanted to make love twice in a day for years. Surprise number four: she didn't want me in a second time, knowing we had had a long time apart. Well, maybe all my blandishments about tease and denial were really working. Surprise number five: how wet and ready she was. But most of all, Surprise number six: acknowledging the CB3000 and (I think) consciously giving me some "tease and denial".

The next day was Saturday, so the alarm was not set and we both slept in. When we woke up there was a distinct smell of dried semen, and I was worried that I must have cum in the night, but didn't remember doing so, nor did the bed around me seem matted. I just hoped Heather wouldn't notice because she would be annoyed about the clean sheets being messed up. When she awoke, true to weekend form Heather was frisky before we got up, but once again suggested that I just make her come and go without myself, which I was quite happy to do.

Thinking I was on a roll here, I was very attentive to Heather's sexual needs all weekend, but she wasn't interested again on the Saturday, or the Sunday.

Monday I was at work and, knowing that Heather would be out at an evening class until about 9pm, I told Heather that I would work late. I duly arrived home about 10pm. Heather arrived soon afterwards, again quite flushed from walking quickly up the road, and she was hot to make love again, although still discouraging of me coming in. I was delighted to find her quite wet again.

The pattern continued, with Heather not being interested in Sex on the nights when she and I were both in early, but was always keen and very wet and ready every evening that either she was out herself or else when I arrived home late. I began to find excuses for being home later, because I knew those would be sex nights.

However, she never encouraged me to come in her, and being (in my mind) her sex slave, I did not push it. I was very happy that she seemed to be getting so turned on so regularly. Our once or twice a week has suddenly risen to seven or eight times, granted it was Heather alone that was cumming.

Two weeks after I got home, on the Saturday, she said that she needed to go out shopping and left about 10am in the morning, saying that she would not be home until late afternoon. She actually got home about 4pm, and almost immediately encouraged me into bed, and, at last, to enter her. As it was nearly for weeks since I had that pleasure, I sunk Percy into her and I had never known her so slick and ready. Her wetness made her feel cavernous, and I could hardly feel her, but the slick warmth and my build up of four weeks quickly made me pump my seed inside her. She was not best amused, as I couldn't last until she had her orgasm, and as her muscles started to squeeze as she used her vibrator, she inadvertently and spontaneously pushed my now limp Percy out, together with a load of cum.

Although I felt that I had come a lot, the amount she squeezed out as she had her own orgasm, and which ran down her thighs onto the sheet, seemed far more than I thought I had pumped into her. I must be more macho than I thought.

The next two weeks were much the same, with me being denied the whole time, but Heather being definitely randy and very wet whenever I arrived home late or she had been out herself earlier in the evening.

On the Sunday afternoon, the phone rang and she rushed to it before I had a chance to answer. It was a friend of hers who had, apparently, just broken up with her boyfriend and so Heather had to go and comfort her. I may be away all night Heather told me as she left, see you tomorrow (Monday) when you get back from work.

On the Monday evening, I arrived home to find that Heather had been crying. She wouldn't tell me why, saying that her hormones were just affecting her. But she was not interested in sex, and remained uninterested for the next two weeks, and didn't seem to go out to her clubs nearly as much, and certainly was back pretty promptly from those that she did go to. I was not very happy, as by now I had been without for four weeks again, but being denied is only fun if there is some "tease" with it, and Heather being completely off sex hardly counted as "tease and denial". I kept asking her what was wrong, but she just rather shortly replied "nothing", and that she "just didn't feel like it".

Then at the end of those two weeks, later in the evening on Friday there was another phone call, and Heather said that this friend of hers, with the boyfriend trouble, desperately needed her comfort again and she rushed upstairs and had a shower and headed out dressed in some of her sexiest gear, including a very sexy black bra and pantie set that I had bought her as a present. I thought that it was extremely thoughtful of her as I guessed that she must be planning on taking her friend out to some club or other to help her get over the boyfriend trouble.

Heather arrived home late the following afternoon, and looked very hot and flustered. She had obviously had a very difficult time helping out her friend, and was keen to have a relaxing bath. I ran a nice bubble bath for her, and helped her get undressed and into the bath.

I couldn't help but notice that she had lost her knickers. Clearly she had got up so quickly that morning that she forgot them. That would also account for the matted pubic hair, as without her knickers there was nothing to soak up the sweat as she drove home in the heat. Our car has leather seats and it can get quite sweaty. She also had bruises around her nipples, and when I showed concern, she told me that some idiot had made her brake hard and that she had bashed against the steering wheel. I really must get the seat belts checked, that shouldn't have happened.

When we went to bed that night, she was obviously feeling pretty frisky, and since I hadn't been inside her for four weeks I begged her to let me enter her, saying that she must fancy a cock inside her after all this time. She seemed amused by the idea, although I couldn't quite work out why and once she got going she opened her legs wide and invited me to climb on.

As I pounded away inside her, she hardly seemed to notice, but when I started to come she got pretty angry, telling me that she could hardly feel me and that all I had succeeded in doing was making her mucky without giving her any pleasure. Almost before I had subsided, she pushed me out and rolled me on my back and climbed on top of me.

"I think there will have to be some changes", she said. "I can hardly feel you inside me nowadays, and I find you so much better as my 'Sex Slave' fondling the bits I tell you to, while I use my vibrator".

"I would like that to be your permanent role", she went on, "that and giving me a good licking whenever I feel like it. You can start by licking me to the orgasm I missed, and by the way cleaning all your cum out of me".

And so I did. It was the first time I had licked her out after cumming in her and the taste seemed different, but I have now learned that this is the way she tastes most of the time. When I finished she climbed up astride me and looking down at me said "And, since you wont be using that little Percy of yours on me, I don't want you getting any other ideas, so I will permit you to wear your CB3000 whenever you leave the house - and you can leave the key with me"

So, for the next six weeks up to now that has been my role. After a week or so of me taking the CB3000 on and off, she got fed up with me asking her for the key and told me to leave it on permanently (apart from a weekend cleanout).

She nearly always now asks me to lick her to an orgasm when she gets in late and is feeling sexy. She often seems to lose her knickers nowadays, and she is always wettest and keenest to have me lick her to orgasm when that happens.

I did offer to buy her a nice big dildo, since she complained about not being able to feel me, but she answered that "she only enjoyed the real thing". I apologised to her that I was not bigger, and that I was sorry that she was having to go without. I couldn't quite work out why she thought this was so funny, she was almost hysterical, but I was glad my offer had pleased her so much.

It is six weeks since I last came, and after begging her, Heather has agreed that she will let me come in her in another two weeks on our wedding anniversary.

So, my fantasy has become a reality. I wonder what has changed her?

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