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Yes please or I can go on enjoying my Alpha Male part II

In the first part of this story [I can go on enjoying my Alpha Male], I described how an argument about the Alpha / Beta male theory resulted in my wife, Heather, ending up taking an Alpha male lover for the second half of the school term where she taught.

What started as an experiment to prove that I was the epitome of a Beta male, had rapidly gotten out of hand as my previously totally faithful and prim schoolteacher wife discovered that I was indeed a Beta male, whilst a colleague who was leaving the school at the end of the term was a perfect Alpha male for a short no-complications relationship.

This resulted in me being locked into a CB3000 (my fault) for the second half of the term, whilst she (as much to her surprise as mine after 25 years of a faithful monogamous relationship) ended up being regularly fucked by her school colleague. And fucked she was, according to her. There is no way it could have been labelled making love!

Now read on …

The end of term arrived, and with it Heather's obvious disappointment that her lover was leaving for pastures new, whilst I had no such regrets and fondly imagined that this would be the point where I was unlocked and normal service would be resumed.

As we led up to the day, any discussions about what would happen had been met with a continuing reminder that it had been my idea in the first place and that the experiment had been all about Heather being in control of her submissive Beta male (me), and that was the way it would stay until the end of term. Discussion finished!

School always broke up on a Friday, and so I imagined that Friday night, or (more probably) Saturday morning would see my release. A sharp "Don't pester me, I'm tired" had greeted my advances on the Friday night, which hadn't surprised me as Heather is always tired at the end of the week and more so as the term dragged on. This night she had even more of an excuse for being tired and moody as she had been out nearly all night the previous night meeting her colleague for "the last time". The date had only started quite late on, as Heather has a choral society that she sings with that rehearses in the early part of a Thursday evening, and didn't end up meeting him in their usual pub until 10pm. In the end she had not arrived home until getting on for 5am, and was in a pretty bedraggled state and very moody, and although she came to bed she didn't appear to sleep at all before getting up with the alarm at 7am. She hadn't wanted to talk about it at all, but had as on previous times, guided my hand down to feel her swollen pussy, at the same time holding on to my constrained Percy with her other hand and finding it amusing that Percy swelled uncomfortably as I felt the soggy mess.

So, as we went into the following morning, Saturday, I had really looked forward to this being my "release day".

As had become my normal routine in the last few weeks, I was up before Heather and had made fresh bread (thank you Panasonic), fresh Grapefruit, orange juice, Greek yoghurt and coffee for breakfast ready for when she awoke, which was even later than usual at about 10am.

On bringing her breakfast in to the bedroom, I had been greeted with a loving smile that made me sure that Nookie was surely on the cards.

We ate breakfast in companionable silence, and then putting the breakfast tray on the floor, started to make love, with me concentrating on Heather's sensitive nipples. Soon he was whimpering quietly and reaching out for her trusty vibrator, when I guided her hand down to my still caged Percy as a reminder to her of my state.

She grabbed hold - hard.

"Hang on!", I said, "Aren't you forgetting something?".

She smiled at me. "Just one last time before I let you out", she replied, "I promise that I will let you out this afternoon". And gave me such a beautiful grin, and a tweak of Percy, that I couldn't refuse her.

It didn't take long for her vibrator to finish the job, and we lay in each other's arms until nearly lunchtime, with Heather dozing but still holding on to Percy.

True to her word, after lunch and a bottle of cider, we went back to bed and Heather very tenderly let me make love to her twice. The second time was necessary as the first time I came within seconds of entering her, a surprisingly disappointing experience for me as well as her. Fortunately, Heather was amused at this and having learned that her describing her experiences with her lover seemed to excite me, proceeded to describe every detail of that last night with him, which brought Percy back to attention and ready for a bout of action that both of us found more satisfying.

We stayed in bed for most of the afternoon, being lazy, and then got up for the evening and a special meal that I had planned for the occasion, although Heather had insisted that she cook it rather than me. After dinner, I washed up as had been our previous sharing of duties prior to the experiment. Heather even helped and made the coffee. It looked as though normal service had been completely resumed!

Normal service was the way it stayed for the whole of the next week leading up to the Easter holiday weekend. Various bits of family came and went over the weekend, and as usual everyone shared with the catering and clearing up. There was a monstrous amount of washing of bed sheets and towels after they had all gone, and Heather (being on holiday) did most of it while I worked at my job.

And so two weeks of her two and a half week Easter holiday passed by, and we found ourselves with another potentially lazy weekend together with the start of term looming ahead in the middle of the following week. Our love making had resumed much of the previous pattern, which is always slightly more frequent during holidays than the "once during the week and twice at weekends" which was the term time norm.

As we finished lovemaking on the Sunday and were lying drowsily together, I couldn't help but feel that there was something missing. Don't get me wrong, it had been very pleasurable, but there was a tension or frissance missing.

"Do you miss your Alpha male?", I asked.

That opened up the discussion properly and we went on to analyse the whole experiment in depth, with me explaining to Heather about the strong subspace feelings that I had whenever she was with him. Feelings which are incredibly erotic and exciting, made even more so by the combination of being locked up and unable to get sexual relief myself whilst knowing she was being fully satisfied. Although Heather accepted how I had felt, she couldn't understand it and said she could see nothing remotely exciting in a sexual episode which would leave her not finished off! We decided that this must be one of the defining characteristics of a "Beta Male". She probed about any jealousy I might have felt, really checking out that it had not damaged our relationship and my love for her. I was able to reassure her that although I had felt some jealousy, the fact but that she could never love or want to live with him, and even disliked and despised him left me still as much as ever in love with her and confident that she loved only me.

Heather in turn told me that for her it had been an equivalent constant sexy erotic feeling, reminding her of our early days together. Although she disliked him, she said that from the start of their physical relationship (even in the week between her first aborted meeting with him and the meeting the following week when she did let him make love to her), she had felt hot between the legs and got damp every time she saw him. She said that she just felt quite wanton with tears running down her legs whenever he came really close or talked to her. She said she was actually quite pleased that it was over, as she was finding it difficult to concentrate on her job as she kept bumping in to him all round the school, and she felt flushed and silly whenever that happened. That last bit made me feel much more at ease about it all.

"Would you want to do it again?", I asked.

Heather looked at me in amazement, and replied that she had really been assuming that the end of the experiment was the end of the experiment and that was it. She was glad to have done it, glad to have it confirmed that she was still attractive, glad to have it confirmed that she could be and feel sexy herself, but had not thought of going any further, and definitely had no intention of trying to keep in touch now that he had left the school.

She went quiet, and I didn't interrupt her contemplation as she looked at me intently, then her eyes glazed over and eventually came back to me as she was clearly thinking quite deeply about it all. All the while she was thinking, I was also reminiscing about the highs and lows, but mostly sexual highs, that I had felt for those six weeks of "the experiment".

It was maybe ten minutes before she eventually said quietly. "Yes, please".

Somehow she managed to convey a real desire in the please, together with a very definite request for permission from me. I was somehow not in any doubt that if I said no, then she would drop it, but I've never been able to refuse Heather anything she has really wanted, and she knows it.

I was amazed at the way Percy went rock hard in seconds as she said "Yes please", and since I was lying up alongside Heather she couldn't miss that fact. Before I could reply, she said quickly "Only if and when the time and the person is right, and I have nothing and no one in mind at the moment".

We snuggled again, and Heather while stroking a still rock-hard Percy said "You'd better do something with that", and we proceeded to make love again, with Heather very unusually letting me mount her only a couple of hours after the previous time. I couldn't remember having Heather a second time within 24 hours since we had been trying to get her to conceive nearly 25 years earlier! It was strange the way her pussy felt different, still being damp from my previous cumming a couple of hours earlier, and I said so, describing it as "Sloppy seconds!".

"Better than normal?", she asked, and I had to agree that it did feel better because although it was still slippery, there was more friction than just her own juices provided.

The discussion ended there with Heather looking thoughtful. We didn't get around to finalising agreement or not to her "Yes, please" and we drifted through the rest of the evening.

Nothing much happened for a few weeks, and then Heather caught me completely by surprise one Thursday night as she came in from choir practice proceeded to drag me upstairs to bed, and started to undress herself and me with a great deal of haste.

Now this was so unusual that I wasn't going to object, was I? Soon we were both naked and in a passionate embrace. After fondling her sensitive nipples for just a short time, Heather said to me "come on in, I want you in right now". I took my hand from her nipple and started to move it down the bed intending to start teasing her clit. She took hold in my hand and said "no come straight in, I'm ready".

No sooner had I slid in to her, then she looks straight into my eyes and asked "how does that feel then?".

Something in the way she asked, made me put two and two together, and I recognised the feeling as being more like the "Sloppy seconds" I had felt when I had made love to her a few weeks earlier the second time within a couple of hours.

"Well?", she asked.

I didn't actually answer her, but smiled gently as her and proceeded to slide in and out at a very gentle pace, savouring the way that she felt, and I'm sure she could see the enjoyment in my face. In hardly any time at all I could feel her spasming around me, and I came in copious amounts in harmony with her.

After we both subsided and were lying in each other's arms, I looked critically at her and asked her what had happened at choir practice.

"There wasn't a choir practice tonight", she admitted, and went on to tell me the story.

There never had been going to be a choir practice, because there had been various problems that had all come up together about availability of the conductor and accompanist. What she had done was to meet up with, as she put it, another "Alpha male". In fact, she admitted, he hadn't turned out to be an Alpha male at all and she had had to do most of the running and had been rather disappointed. So, she said the occasion would not be being repeated, and she wouldn't actually tell me who it was that had been her lover for the evening.

What she did tell me was that right from the start when the opportunity had come her way she had thought back to my reactions when we had discussed about the experiment and whether we would ever repeat it. She said that she had been pretty sure that I was game for her to do a modest amount of new experimentation because of the way that Percy had sprung to attention when she had replied to me "Yes please". She also said that she had remembered is the way I had said that the feeling of cum already inside her had made the sliding Percy in more sensuous, and so had planned to reward me with "Sloppy seconds" right from the start.

"Did you enjoy it?", she asked, "and would you like me to do it again?".

"Yes please", I replied.

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Thank you for sharing so sensitively. Your feelings and joys come across very powerfully.