Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I know there is no point in trying

From time to time I fantasised about my wife "controlling" me, and even tried to get her to keep me locked up in a CB 3000 that I had bought. She didn't want to know, and some time later actually told me that my intensity about the whole scene nearly drove her away from me. So I backed off, and ended up just fantasising about her being dominant whilst having a very loving and caring relationship.

I would resort to using the CB 3000 when I was working at home, and often when I was away on business trips, leaving the key at home and pretending that I was locked up by my wife.

I have never ever felt tempted to stray in the direction of another woman, and have (after a fashion which I will explain) kept true to her. However wearing the CB 3000 on business trips ended up having an unexpected consequence.

When I belted myself up and went away on business trips, I would very often spend the long flights and the even longer evenings staying in hotels by myself, fantasising about the uncontrollable stud that was needing to be belted by his wife. LOL! One quite long trip to the USA, I belted myself up before I left home to go to London airport for an early-morning flight and because of the airport scanners I used one of the plastic tags that comes with the CB 3000 and which has a serial number on it. Once installed, the only way of getting out of the CB 3000 is to break the tag, and since they are all individually serial numbered "your key holder" would know that you had been a naughty boy. That's the theory anyway.

It was a very long week moving from hotel to hotel, visiting companies during the day and, unusually, none of the people that I visited invited me out for the evening. So the evenings ended up feeling long and boring. I usually spend half an hour in the fitness room at the hotel before going down and having a leisurely dinner and then end up watching American football or a film on the television. During dinner I would take a novel down and sit there reading.

One evening I looked up from my novel to realise that about five or six other singles were around the restaurant all doing exactly the same thing. Two of them were quite attractive women, although neither in the full flush of youth, and so my fantasies started to work away. I started to imagine that I really was this megastud and was bold enough to go over to try and pick up one or other of these ladies. One of the things that has always held me back from chatting up single woman in hotels, has been the fear of success rather than failure, because I want to stay faithful to my wife, and was worried how I would extricate myself without upsetting someone if I did chat to them and they wanted more than just a casual friendly conversation.

Over the next couple of nights this scenario more or less repeated itself, until by the third night I had the radical idea that I actually had the ideal defence against my concern. If I were to find that one of these ladies did expect me to take them to bed, I could use the CB 3000 as the excuse as to why not. All of a sudden, lonely evenings in hotels looked to be a possible thing of the past. That night I slept on the idea, firmly resolved to give it a try the following evening.

The following evening found me in a Courtyard Marriott hotel near White Plains, and as luck would have it two more moderately attractive single women having dinner. Over the top of my novel I sized them up, and had just about decided on one of the two when she took her laptop out of her briefcase and started to work. I switched my attention to the other one, and when she reached coffee I got up from my table and went over to hers.

"Excuse me", I said in a well rehearsed line, "I'm not trying to pick you up, in fact that would be a pointless thing to me to do as I'm well prepared to explain to you if you would like me to, but I did notice that you, like me, were sitting on your own, and I thought you might just welcome some friendly conversation over your coffee".

"Are you English?" she replied, as if that explained my weird behaviour. When I admitted that I was, she then went on to say "I have an aunt living in Cheltenham, I wonder if you know her?"

I'm sure that many Americans think that England is a small town of 500 people who all know each other; however the ice was broken and I sat down with her and she introduced herself as Sharon, and we spent a very pleasant hour talking together with no flirting whatsoever.

Eventually, she apologised and said that she needed to get to bed because she had to get up early to go to the airport. There was still with no hint of invitation in the "get to bed". But she paused "But, one thing before I go, please explain to me. What did you mean by it being pointless you trying to pick me up? When you originally said that, I thought you must be gay, but clearly from our talking about your family and your wife, you aren't."

The fantasy machine swung into action, "Oh", I said casually, "that is because my wife makes me wear a chastity belt when I'm away on business trips to stop me from cheating on her, so any attempt to take you to bed would be pointless".

The effect was everything I could have hoped for. She just looked at me in amazement. "You haven't in the least bit tried to get me into bed", she said, "so I can't see what she's worried about."

"Yes", I replied, "but that's because I know there is no point in trying"

Then to my amazement, she grabbed me by the arm, and steered me towards the lift. "Please" she said, "can I see this device that you have on. I have heard about such things but never met anyone who used one before".

I just didn't know what to do, and let her steer me into the lift and up to her bedroom. Once inside the door, we just looked at each other in embarrassment for a while, and then she said "why don't I go into the bathroom for a moment while you prepare yourself and then call me out when you're ready".

I took off my shoes and trousers, and then stood up to inspect myself in the mirror. The socks, shirt and CB 3000 looked so stupid, so I decided to strip off entirely, and then feeling horribly naked, I got into her bed and pulled the sheet up over my middle.

Sharon appeared out of the bathroom when I called, wearing only her bra and knickers, and looked really attractive. She was heavier than my own petite wife, which I found different and alluring.

"I hope you don't mind", she said, "but I thought it was unfair of me to ask you to strip off without me being prepared to do the same".

She came and sat down beside me on the bed, and after a gesture from me slowly peeled the sheet back to reveal my throbbing Percy in his cage. The sight clearly fascinated her and she asked if I minded her feeling and looking more closely. Did I mind!

After a few minutes, she took her bra and knickers off and slipped into bed beside me, and still fondling and feeling around the CB 3000, she asked "this is making me so hot, it's unbelievable, would you mind very much if I make myself go off while you snuggle up against me so that I can hold your caged up prick with one hand whilst bringing myself off with the other.

I think that the whole episode must have got her so hot, that it only took a couple of minutes of her to be writhing around on the bed as she had a very prolonged orgasm.

"Wow", she uttered at last, "that was amazing, and it has the benefit of not having to worry about "safe sex" or spunk all over the sheets. I think I know what my hubby is getting for his next Christmas present!"

"Is there no way that you can come in that device", she asked. I didn't quite tell all the truth in telling her "No", in that it is possible to pull out, but it is also uncomfortable to masturbate half in and half out, and you certainly cannot service a woman when you have pulled out and still have the contraption hanging round your balls.

We talked for about 10 more minutes, and then she apologised again and said she really did need to be getting to sleep in order to get up to catch a plane in the morning. After I had got dressed she kissed me very sweetly goodbye and I went back to my own bedroom to a very frustrated night during which I was sorely tempted to break the seal, but since I didn't have another seal with me, I resisted or else I would not be able to repeat the practice the following night, and the outcome with Sharon made me keen to try again.

Since that time, I have repeated the scenario a number of times, with (depending on how you measure it) different levels of success. The most part, I just end up having a pleasant hour with my lady of choice, but many of them at some point come back to my opening line. Some just look at me as though I am mad, some are disbelieving about my CB story, and one or two even angrily thought I was making it up just to put them off. Following those episodes, I carry a photo of a CB 3000 with me to show them, which not infrequently results in a request to see what it really looks like on, but apart from Sharon there have only been two other encounters which ended up as sexual encounters, and I'll save them for another time.

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