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Heather, my wife, used to be pretty vanilla, and for many years humoured my sexually submissive tendencies with a once or twice a year "tease and denial", usually when she was a) drunk and b) horny. At these rare times, she would be so interested in her own orgasm that she would get carried away and go off without letting me inside her. As she loves just lying in the afterglow of her orgasms, when this happened and with the drink talking, she would just round on me and say "tough", and drift off to sleep with me left unsatisfied and frustrated.

The following day, she would always (if she remembered anything at all) feel guilty about denying me. Funny really, because it was actually the one time that she ever fulfilled my fantasies of her being dominant - I actually loved it, despite (or perhaps because) of feeling unsatisfied and frustrated! This little chink in her normally straight behaviour always gave me some hope, at least in my fantasies, that there was a sexual dominatrix lurking inside her.

Now, although sexual dominatrix is probably an exaggeration, this tale reveals how Heather came out.


About three years ago, I discovered Altairboy and the whole world of Chastity, Tease and Denial and CBs on the internet and everything I felt fell into place. I realised that I was a sexual submissive, and got very excited about being submissive to Heather. I started to try and get Heather to take a more dominant role, and was very pushy with her about my cravings. Being Heather, she just didn't get it, and didn't want to know and I overdid it. Eventually we sorted ourselves out and bit by bit Heather started to play up to my desires.

It is interesting what some people say that a true submissive should not be "Topping from the bottom", and it might sound as though that is what I was doing, but actually Heather was being assertive in her own way. She was not going to head off into a femdom relationship at my pace, but if we were going to develop that way as a couple then the pace would be entirely hers.

At that time, our sex life had gone from daily when we first married, and sometimes more frequently at weekends, to once a week or even once a fortnight. It was clear from many little signs that Heather was interested in more frequent love making, but she wasn't interested in me pounding away or leaving her leaking cum onto the sheets, especially when she was tired to start off with. So I suggested that she should decide whether or not to let me come in her when we made love, and then only let me if she really felt like it. This didn't fit well with Heather's preconceptions of our marital relationship, reinforced by years of accommodating me, so it took a long time for her to stop being selfless.

It started to work better when I told her that I was finding it more difficult to cum regularly, but that I still loved the love-making. I persuaded her to cum herself and that I found it very exciting when she did, and that it actually helped me not to have to keep performing. I think that when she stopped being worried about my orgasm all the time, and she started to focus on her own, and we found ourselves making love far more frequently. Not back to the frequency of our first married years, but certainly up from once a week to three or four times, with me maybe only cumming in her once in the week.

The process of negotiating whether I was cumming in her or not, however, wasn't really working. Heather started to get quite insistent that I tell her when I "needed" to cum, and as I wanted the choice to be hers we got into a sticky patch, and sex declined again. She just didn't want to be seen as denying me, and so she wanted the decision to be mine. I wanted her to dominate me, and so I wanted the decision to be hers. Stalemate.

I eventually came up with an idea of using a deck of cards. We agreed that if she really would prefer to cum herself without me, then she would say so. I promised that if I felt I desperately needed to cum, then I would tell her and she would let me, but if neither of us had a strong preference then she would draw a card from the pack and if it was a picture card (J, Q or K) then I was in luck. Anything else then I was out of luck. This worked for her as the decision was no longer resting with her, but with the cards. As a twist, she would not let me know in advance and as she is quite a good actress (we met at a drama group), the first I would know of my fate was her cumming or her telling me to get inside her as she was about to cum. Fantastically exciting for me, either way. We ended up calling the game "Bedtime Solo", for obvious reasons and because Solo is actually one of our favourite card games when we are on family holidays.

Over a few months, this worked very well for us, and the frequency of her saying out straight that she wanted to go Solo without even using the cards also increased, so that during the week, when she was a bit tired at bedtime, then this would nearly always be the case, and at weekends we would use the cards to decide. She particularly likes it when we have clean sheets and she showers, and more often than not the luxury makes her feel sexy. It became a particular favourite of hers to go "Solo" without bothering with drawing a card on these occasions as she "really didn't want to get her or the sheets messy since they were both fresh and clean".

Then after a few months of this working well for us both, I had an extra-ordinarily long streak of no picture cards, which lasted for about four weeks. Finally one night, when she declared "Solo" because of the clean sheets, I ended upshooting my load spontaneously as she came with me snuggling up against her. All over her thighs and all over the clean sheets! Disaster.

Heather was not amused. She pointed out that the idea of this arrangement was that she and the clean sheets should not get messed up, and "couldn't I control myself?"

This was a first - Heather really being sexually assertive about her cumming and me definitely not cumming! I damn near shot my load again at the excitement of her berating me in this way.

My bad run on the cards continued, and two weeks later the same thing happened again. I couldn't help it. As she started to cum, my dick was hard up against her thigh and the movement (not all hers, I admit) made me cum just as she did.

Heather was not amused again, and wanted to know what I planned to do to stop it.

Now, during my heavy phase which Heather had found so difficult, when I had got all excited about the submissive scene a couple of years earlier, I had bought a couple of cock cages as part of my fantasy world. I had told Heather about them, but because she was just not interested, even horrified, we had never used them and I had not shown them to her. I had kept them and had played out some of my fantasies usually when I was away from home for a few days. Now I suggested to her that I could put myself in a cock cage before we made love, and if she drew a picture card, then she could give me the key. I suggested that if not let out then I would not be able to get properly erect in the cock cage and certainly couldn't rub up against her, so the chances of me cumming messily all over her would be near zero.

Heather was not at all sure at this idea, as the idea of CB's just didn't turn her on and in any case she actually loves holding my cock and feeling it throb uselessly as she builds up to her orgasm - which also contributes to my excitement, and my not being able to hold back these last couple of times. However, she agreed to us trying it. I chose the least "heavy" looking CB that I have, which is the CB3000. It is penis shaped and clear plastic, and quite comfortable to wear. I put one key on a 16" pure gold chain. [The spare key is now in a sealed envelope which I got Heather to sign across the flap, and it is wrapped in clear tape so it could not be opened without destroying the envelope and Heather's signature. This now lives in my wallet in case of emergencies. So far there have been none.]

The next time we went to bed to make love, I duly slipped into the bathroom and put on the CB, and locked the padlock. I then climbed into bed beside Heather and handed her the key which she put round her neck, where it looked damned sexy.

Heather, when she looked at the CB, was still not at all sure she liked the whole scene, but she did say that it looked more attractive than she had expected. She suggested that since this was a try out, there wasn't much point in me being let out this time and so we should not bother with the cards, and she should go Solo. I couldn't fault her logic nor did I want to, as it not only made sense, but played to my fantasies.

Love making was a complete success as Heather held on to the CB instead of my dick as we made love, and could easily feel it swelling and throbbing uselessly inside the cage, and the whole experience clearly worked for her as she had one of the strongest (and loudest) orgasms I can ever remember her having. All she could do afterwards was just look at me through half closed eyes and say "phew"! She just lay there in my arms with her eyes closed, and drifted off to sleep. I hadn't the heart to wake her up and ask for the key, so I had to spend the rest of the night with the CB still on.

That set the scene, and without discussing it, leaving me with the CB on all night on those occasions when the cards or Heather's wishes went against me, became the norm.

After that we went back to using the cards but continued with Heather's option to say if she wanted to go Solo without even drawing a card. Over the following weeks I noticed that there were an increasing number of times when Heather would choose to go Solo, and on those occasions she had her enjoyment, and I suppose I have to say that in my perverse way I had mine, left unsatisfied and locked up in the CB all night.

A couple of months later, Heather and I had a row over something trivial. I can't even remember now what it was about, but it was a Friday night, and the fact that we had indulged in our usual Friday evening bottle of wine had probably made us both a bit confrontational. We hardly ever row, but were both still bristling when we went to bed. We try not to go to sleep on our anger, so I snuggled up to Heather to say sorry and inevitably we started to make love.

Heather made out that she was still a bit miffed and was not easily going to be won over, and eventually said that as a punishment she was going to go Solo, so I should go and put my CB on.

Feeling quite horny at this turn of affairs, I eagerly complied and we made love with Heather clearly enjoying her Solo, but also teasing me pretty unmercifully about being locked up as a punishment.

The following morning, Saturday, another surprise for me, as Heather unusually asked to make love again before we got up, and since I was still in the CB, she demanded another Solo, and then afterwards instead of giving me the key to let myself out as we got up and showered, she said that I still had not properly apologised to her for the row the previous evening and so I could stay locked up for the rest of the day.

This was a really big change, as up to now Heather's toleration of the CB had been entirely practical as a way of stopping me messing her up when she decided to go Solo, so getting me to keep it on all day as a punishment was a huge step.

To cut a long story short, we made love a few more times over the weekend, each time Heather insisting that I stay in the CB and each time going Solo in what appeared to be ever increasing strength of orgasm. Something had clearly flipped with her and she was actually enjoying being sexually dominant and demanding, instead of just humouring me. For years, Heather had seemingly found it impossible to cum more than once a day, but here she was cumming about six times in two and a half days!

The key appeared on Monday morning and normal service was resumed during the week, i.e. Heather went Solo a couple of times, and I waited with anticipation for what might happen on Friday night.

Much to my relief as I was beginning to get quite desperate, Heather suggested the cards, and as we were making love, just as I was getting to the point of begging her for relief (something I had never done), she opened her eyes and grinned at me and gave me the key. She had drawn the Queen of Hearts. Singularly appropriate.

It was just as well that she was close to cumming by the time I got the CB off and entered her, because I couldn't last long and came in what felt like bucket loads. Something that Heather concurred with, as she complained bitterly all night about the sticky mess running out of her pussy and down her legs and forming a damp puddle under her.

We didn't make love again at all over the rest of the weekend, and when I asked her if she was OK, Heather seemed very thoughtful.

We didn't make love all week, and on Friday night as she declined our almost ritualistic Friday night love making, I finally coaxed the problem out of her.

She told me that the previous two weekends had been so different for her, and that she had been struggling to cope with the dilemma. When I asked her what she meant, she said that two weekend ago, when I had been locked up for the whole weekend, she had felt so sexually liberated - which of course was reflected in the number of times my lovely wife had cum over that weekend.

Then she said the following weekend had been so different. Firstly I had bruised her entering her, because she had not been used to having me enter her for a while and I had been over excited. Then I had filled her full of cum which had just made her feel messy all the rest of the night. To make matters worse, my entering her had hardly been very thrilling for her as I had just come almost as soon as I entered her. Finally, that experience had put her off wanting to make love any more that weekend, in stark contrast to the previous weekend.


There was little doubting what she was saying. And so, almost fulfilling my lifelong fantasy, I told her that I was prepared to repeat the weekend of no orgasms for me whenever she wanted it - and suggested that we start straight away that weekend.

There was a silence, and I wondered what the problem was, and then Heather explained that she hadn't just that weekend in mind, but indefinitely.

I was gobsmacked and didn't know how I felt or what to say, but she took my immediate erection as a yes, and I realised that my body and mind were not quite in agreement over this turn of events, but that my body was winning.

And so that weekend became the first of about six months of abstinence. I put the CB on each Friday evening and Heather gave me back the key on Monday morning.

I'm too proud to beg her for relief, and so built up until I came in a wet dream overnight, finding myself in the same sort of mess that Heather hated one morning. Heather was not amused as the sheets had been clean on that night, and so we had a discussion about how we could stop this happening.

And so came a new variation on our card game - once a week, usually on a Saturday, I drew a card and if it was a Jack, Queen or King then Heather would give me the key and snuggle me and help me masturbate cleanly and tidily, after which I was locked up again. If I hadn't drawn a Jack, Queen or King for four weeks, then I used an Aneros prostate massager to empty out my sperm sack and reduce the risk of night emissions. The Aneros makes you empty out your cum without any feeling of sexual relief or excitement whatsoever.

But that is not yet the end of the story.

Two months ago, Heather again went quiet one weekend, and when I asked her what the problem was she admitted that she didn't feel that she was old enough to give up normal sex altogether and that she wanted to feel a cock in her again.

I took this as an offer and pulled her towards the bedroom.

Then she dropped her bombshell.

She told me that she was enjoying our sexual relationship as it was now too much to spoil it and that she meant that she wanted to take on an occasional lover. She really emphasised how much she loved me, and loved our relationship in every way, but was insistent that the cock she would be having could not be mine or that would ruin the sub-dom relationship that we had both grown to love so much.

I guessed she must have someone in mind, and after a little coaxing she admitted that there was someone at her art class that she found quite attractive, and had been flattered because he had been coming on to her despite being about 20 years younger.

We talked about it all weekend on and off, and each time we did, my cock let me down again by showing her that I was excited by the idea despite what my mind was telling me again.

On Monday evening when I came home from work, Heather was not at home which was unusual, and did not answer my calls to her mobile phone. Monday night is her art class night, and I quickly realised what was up.

At 11pm (the art class finishes at 9pm), Heather arrived home, looking flushed, excited and positively glowing.

She would not answer my questions, although just from looking at her they didn't need much answering. She insisted that I put my CB on and come straight to bed, where she proceeded to masturbate herself in front of me to a shattering climax, with spunk clearly oozing down her legs as her spasms pushed it out. She complained bitterly about the mess - reminiscent of times gone past with me and where all this started.

She told me everything, but that is another story, save that she hadn't come home between work and her art class in case seeing me would have given her cold feet.

She was like a wild thing the rest of the week, wanting a repeat performance of my wearing the CB and her masturbating every night.

The following Monday was another surprise. She came home after work, and I watched her as she bathed, made up and put on far too sexy clothing for an art class! She told me that if I wanted to watch her then it was my place to do so only while wearing my CB, and so there I was constrained and caged watching my gorgeous wife prepared to make love to another man.

But the night's surprises did not end there.

When she arrived home at about the same late time as the previous week, she once again called me to the bedroom where she had stripped right down, but this time told me to get down and lick her clean, telling me that since another one of my "kind" has filled her full of this mess, then I should clean her up to avoid her being messy all night!

As I licked her clean, she came nosily, pushing loads more cum out into my mouth.

So that is where we are now.

The only time I see my wife naked, I am wearing a CB. I have to watch my wife dressing herself up once a week to go and meet her lover, and then I have to clean up his cum from in her when she gets home. I get to masturbate for relief at random times governed by a pack of cards, and if the cards aren't kind get to empty myself by prostate massage with no sexual relief at all.
And best of all, both Heather and I are loving every minute of it, and are more in love with each other than ever.

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Tom Allen said...

What a totally awesome story. It's not dissimilar to my own, except that instead of the cuckolding thing my wife found a dildo that is very close to my own size and shape; I wear it in a strap-on harness for her.

Glad to see that it's working out so well for you.