Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Whole Way, It's OK!

Heather, my lovely wife, is normally quite vanilla when it comes to sex, and up until two weeks ago I would have said was always quite vanilla, only playing one or two games. So, with her permission I want to tell you about what happened two Saturdays ago. Having the story down in writing will give us something to read to remind us of the occasion, which has been a real turning point in our sex life. Every time we talk about it we get red hot and end up diving back into bed together.

Not long after Heather and I moved to our new house, I went off to have the snip. We have three lovely children, two girls and a boy, and decided when the youngest one was eighteen months old that three was just fine for us. As anyone who has had the snip, will know, there is a period after the deed is done when you still remain fertile and so have to take extra precautions. During this time you send in samples of your cum for analysis, and when finally all the little wrigglers are gone, you get the all clear to have sex without any other precautions. Heather's last month's supply of pills had run out two weeks previously to the day this story unfolds, and since the previous sample had been clear, Heather could not be bothered to go to the clinic for another supply of pills. We had the radical idea instead to abstain for the two weeks up to the next sample analysis, which should give us the two in a row which was recommended, and then we could resume sex with no chance of pregnancy.

Like most couples with the wife on the pill, there were times when Heather's protection was compromised, such as when she missed taking a pill or a couple of times when she had had been ill. Although we're not into chastity in the normal sense, we had bought a CB3000 for a laugh, and I'd come up with the idea that Heather should lock me in it when we started to make love on those times when she was not protected. That way, if things got out of hand, having to unlock me would bring us back to earth, and no accidents! She usually let me out after she had her orgasm, and would help me have mine.

This time, to help us with our willpower, Heather had locked me up each night when we went to bed and that had helped us keep our resolve not to make love. No sex for her, no get out for me until we got up.

For the last few days of the fortnight I had been getting so randy that I had ended up begging Heather to keep me in the CB3000 all the time when I wasn't at work for fear that I would either jump on her out of desperation, or succumb to giving myself a hand job which would have ruined all we had been building up to. Fortunately, the kind of snip that I had was on the underside of my balls, well away from the scrotum ring of the CB3000 so it was not uncomfortable.

That morning, the results had arrived in the post, giving the all clear, and we were really looking forward to the evening, when the kids had gone to bed to celebrate our new found sexual freedom. But we still had to get ourselves through the day. We were wandering around each other, with every time our bodies touched, an electric charge seeming the pass between us. Two weeks is longer than we had ever been without sex, and we were red hot. Even during and immediately after Heather's three pregnancies we had found ways of satisfying each other. During the day, we had more than once found ourselves in a clinch after brushing into each other, but before we could get very far, one of our three youngsters would require attention. Wow were we getting hot.

Lunchtime came and passed, and I had arranged with Alan our next door neighbour to go and play golf with him in the afternoon. He and Sally, his wife, were keen to find out about my Vasectomy and I had agreed to talk to him about it while we were out golfing together. A decision I was now regretting in two ways - one, I was desperate to find a way of getting Heather to myself for an hour and I wasn't going to get that on the golf course, and two, I was sure not going to feel any less sexually frustrated having to relate the story to Alan!

Anyway, we all went round to Alan and Sally's house after lunch, because Heather and Sally get on well together too, and had decided to lie out in their garden sunbathing for the afternoon, while our three kids and their three were going to play in their pool together. When I said new house, I meant new. We all live on a pleasant new estate in which our road is now all finished and beginning to look green as the gardens settle down, but they have just started to build the estate out behind our houses and the workmen are out there even at weekends, so the gardens are not as peaceful as we would like them to be. We have agreed with them restricted hours for machinery on a Saturday and Sunday, but as Alan and I collected our clubs and headed off to the golf course, there was the sounds that you can only get from a bunch of kids in a pool on a hot summer afternoon ringing in our ears, together with a cacophony of building site noise behind.

I'll let Heather take over the story now.


I'm not sure that I'm happy about being called a vanilla wife, but anyway.

As Bill said we had been bumping into each other and feeling very sexy all day, and I was constantly going into the loo to dab away the wetness that was gathering rather uncomfortably between my legs and was on my third pair of knickers by the time I changed into my bikini to go next door. We had made up a little rhyme, "The Whole Way, It's O.K." and were whispering it in each other's ears and getting hysterical, much to the kids bewilderment.

We do not have a lot of sex, we never have had, but we have made love at least twice a week even since we had the three children around and these two weeks of abstinence were really making me want Bill. Once or twice the previous week, when I had been home alone with just the baby (the other two being at school or playgroup), I had felt my hand between my legs and had only used great will power to keep myself chaste for Bill, because I knew he was doing that for me, but boy was my body tingling in expectation.

Sally and I settled down in her garden, with Lucy her oldest (who is 13) looking after the kids. Alan and Sally are a few years older than us, and their youngest two are the same ages as our oldest, and Lucy is great at managing this extended family, just leaving the baby gurgling in his buggy under a sun umbrella alongside our rug on the ground. Their garden slopes down to their pool from the back, and the best place to lie out where we can keep an panoramic eye on the kids in the pool is quite close to the back fence, and on the slope there sun-beds keep collapsing, hence the rug. Sally had produced a half bottle of wine that she and Alan had left over from the previous night and we had been quaffing and having quite a good gossip together, when Lucy came over and said that they had all decided that they wanted to go round to Nana's house, quarter of a mile away, where Sally's parents also have a pool with a slide, (which seemed to be the big attraction). Lucy also likes playing mother with the baby, and so had decided she wanted to push the buggy round as well. Sally and I both fancied the idea of having some quiet and the possibility of snoozing in the sun without having to stay awake keeping an eye on the kids in the pool, so Sally phoned Nana and checked that the visit would be welcomed (which it was) and the kids set off. We had finished off the half bottle of wine, and Sally brought a fresh bottle out in one of those cooling sleeves and we were getting quite buzzed by the time the mobile phone rang to say that the kids had arrived safely, and Sally agreed with Nana that she would call us to let us know when the kids were on their way back. At this point we were not expecting Alan and Bill back for at least another two hours so we felt really luxurious as we spread ourselves on the rugs, renewed our tanning cream and started working our way down the second bottle of wine.

At this point Sally started to ask me about Bill's snip, and I confessed to her about how horny I had been feeling all day, and now talking about out imminent resumption of love making was starting to make we wet again and I was worried that it would start to show on my dark colored bikini bottoms. Sally said, "why not take them off then, since was no one to see", and because I was pretty buzzed I agreed, and then because I felt so silly in just the top, I took that off too, and persuaded Sally (without much difficulty) to peel off too. Sally has a lovely figure for her age, and surprisingly firm breasts. Mine are still pretty full, because I have don't seem to have come back down after stopping breast feeding the baby, even though that was four months ago. Both of us were very white under our bikini lines and so started to rub factor 30 into first our own breasts and bottoms and then each others. It was at this point that we both felt that there was something different, and realised that the noise on the building site had stopped because it was 4pm, and that is their Saturday curfew, and then we looked at each other in horror as we realised that we had forgotten that the building site workmen could probably have seen us from their scaffolding in the house being built behind. Sure enough, as we looked over in that direction, there were two very beefy looking young lads, obviously standing on something and watching us over the fence just feet away.

As we looked up at them, they both grinned widely and started to applaud, saying that we were the sexiest strip show they had seen in ages, and "please don't stop on our account" and other things like that. Because they were being so open and funny about it all, and because we were both slightly (pretty?) tipsy we couldn't be annoyed at them, but we both rolled over on our tummies to hide our modesty a bit and kept chatting to them. They had climbed on to the top of the fence by this time, which is pretty sturdy, and were sitting on it with bare legs and big workmen's boots tapping our a rhythm on the fence. Both of them were wearing shorts, and both bare topped, showing very tanned and dusty chests, which I had to admit looked very sexy and did nothing to stop the constant flow of wetness between my legs.

After about 10 minutes of this chat, Sally's phone rang which startled us, and as she lunged in surprise over to get it she knocked her wine glass flying and it broke. The call was from Nana, saying that the kids were all staying for tea and would not be home for at least another hour, probably two, and she would phone again when they were on the way. While Sally was on the phone, one of the lads, whose name was Tom, had jumped down and was picking up the pieces of glass from the grass, making hand signals along the lines that we were bare footed and he had big boots on, and so was in a better position to clear up the broken glass, which was sweet of him, even if getting a closer look probably was on his agenda.

Sally thanked him, and then offered the two of them a glass of wine, which they refused but asked if there was a beer going instead. So Sally went and brought out another glass and two beers out and Dave (the other builder) jumped down and joined us. Well, it is pretty impossible drinking a glass of wine while lying on your tummy, so Sally and I had to sit up, and I felt really exposed sitting stark naked opposite these two hunky men, but they were both very pleasant and it turned out that they were both college students, doing the building work as a summer job during their University holiday. Tom was obviously the leader of the two of them, but Dave had lovely eyelashes and pale blue eyes peering out under a mop of sunbleached fair hair, and reminded me of a young Robert Redford (who I have always fancied).

After a while Sally commented on how dusty they were, and asked them if they would like to have a plunge in the pool to freshen up, and both of them said "yes please, but would we please join them". Sally got up and headed off towards the house, and Tom asked her where she was going. She replied that she was going to get some of the spare swimming shorts that they keep for guests, but Tom said that since we were both naked, that it would be unfair if they had shorts on, and proceeded to strip off, revealing a massive hard on! Dave was only seconds behind and showed off an only slightly smaller and beautifully shaped uncircumcised penis, which I then realised I was staring at, and I'm sure I blushed horribly because he grinned at me. I explained hastily that I had never seen an uncircumcised penis close to before, as Bill and my previous lovers has all been circumcised. Dave asked me if I'd like to feel it, but I felt so embarrassed at this point that I just jumped up and ran and jumped into the pool in an attempt to hide my embarrassment, and also partly to hide my body under the water.

The lads both bombed in, emptying out half the pool, and Sally joined us. As always with young lads, it wasn't long before they were grabbing us and pulling us under, and I suppose inevitably I found myself in Dave's arms, and looked over to see Sally in Tom's, and both of almost simultaneously put our arms round the lads necks and gave them deep sexy kisses. Both of them had deflated in the cool water, but I could feel Dave's penis swelling up again as I kissed him, and that started me tingling again. Dave picked me up in his arms, and walked up the steps carrying me. He took me over to the rug and started to pat me dry. The feeling was electric, and I would feel myself getting really wet again, and guiltily thought of Bill, and then fully intending to stop this went to put my T-shirt on. Dave then protested that it was my turn to dry him, and I thought it would be churlish not to, and since he had his back to me, I felt in control again, and started to rub him vigorously with the towel. He then turned around and I was faced with this lovely erection, which my hands seemed to have a will of their own in dropping the towel, and starting to touch and feel. I pulled the foreskin back and saw the soft skinned pink head underneath and saw a little pre-cum appear at the tip. Bill's is sort of browner and more leathery, I guess because he hasn't got a foreskin. I thought Dave's looked so soft, I just could not help myself, and slid to my knees and licked the pre-cum off, and then slid my tongue up and down the long shaft. That was it, in a blur we were on the rug, kissing passionately and "The Whole Way, It's O.K." just went through my mind as without me even thinking or preparing myself for it he was in me, cupping my breasts and playing with me nipples and gazing straight into my partly glazed eyes as he gave me long deep strokes. I came in seconds, and he just kept going until after five minutes I came again (something I rarely do with Bill), and this time as I pulsed I could feel him twitch and could feel his warm cum hit the inside of me, which made my second orgasm last even longer than my first.

After a minutes or two we slowly untangled ourselves, and I looked over to where Sally and Tom were lying on one of the sunbeds together, with Tom's willy slowly deflating on Sally's thigh, still dripping a little. Sally and I both rolled our eyes at each other and both put our fingers to our lips together in a mutual pact to keep this quiet from our husbands. I don't know about Sally for sure, but I had never been unfaithful to Bill, and I didn't think that Sally had ever been unfaithful to Alan.

The lads were sweet, polite and a bit embarrassed, and got dressed and kissed us goodbye on the cheeks and disappeared off. Sally and I then sat down on the rug, and said very little, both of us sitting in the afterglow of one of the most spontaneous and moving sex experiences I had ever had. It didn't even occur to me that I had let Dave come inside me unprotected.

Sally and I then decided to jump in the pool to clean the evidence away, and she had just picked up the two beer cans to dispose of that evidence too, when Alan and Bill walked though the side gate grinning like two Cheshire cats. I'll let Bill take over again from here.


Alan and I had one of those rounds of golf that are best forgotten. Come to think of it, most of my rounds are like that, but this was even worse. After eight holes we had each lost about four balls each, and when on the ninth Alan hooked into the rough on the left and I sliced into the trees on the other side, we just picked up our bags and headed back to the car without even bothering to look for the balls.

We had been chatting as we had searched for lost balls about my Vasectomy, and I was still feeling hot and sexy and I had this idea that we could get home early and I could find an excuse to get Heather back home with me while the kids all stayed round with Alan and Sally for an hour. I shared this thought with Alan, and he agreed to it on condition that Heather and I watched the kids for an hour afterwards while he and Sally went to bed, because all this talk had gotten him feeling randy too.

As we got out of the car, we realised that both the sound of the builders and the sounds of young kids screaming had been replaced by adult male and female voices obviously larking in the pool, and that only the female voices were familiar to us!. So we both crept around the side of the house until we could see Heather and Sally both naked cavorting around in the pool with two similarly naked young men. I started forward to walk into the garden, but Alan pulled me back and gestured me through the side door of the house and quietly through into the lounge, where there is a large French window, with net curtains, where we could stand and see what was going on and not be seen ourselves.

I did not know what to make of it all until Alan pointed out the heavy builder's boots on the grass, and then I twigged. We watched awhile while they cavorted around, and then they started kissing rather passionately and I was about to push the door open and go and intervene when Alan put an arm out to restrain me and pointed to the distinct bulge in his shorts and the same kind of bulge in mine. He then whispered to me to "let's see what happens", and so we stayed there watching as the next few minutes unfolded.

When Heather (who all my attention was on) collapsed to the ground, and it was obvious that Dave was going to enter her, I nearly came in my shorts. I also had the sudden thought that she should not be having unprotected sex with him, and at the same time told myself not to worry because the test we had had back that morning had shown all clear, and unprotected sex would be alright now. Just like Sally, "The Whole Way, It's OK" went through my mind. The irrationality of this didn't dawn on us until much later on.

After they finished and the lads left, Dave and I slipped out of the side door again and making a lot of noise about it, appeared around the side of the house to confront our wives.
Alan had obviously thought of a wind-up, because he immediately said to Sally that we had seen two guys leaving round the side of the house as we drove up, and who were they. Sally looked appalled for a moment and then quickly said that they were a couple of workmen, and that she had asked them in to the garden to see if they could fix the shed door which needed mending - very quick thinking. But Alan hadn't finished teasing yet, and asked her why she was entertaining workmen in the nude, and why did she have something that looked suspiciously like cum running down her thighs (which she did!).

The girls looked at each other and then in a rush started spilling out the entire story, interrupting and contradicting each other in a hilarious way, while Alan and I attempted to keep straight and horrified expressions on our faces. They made such a mess of explaining that we both ended up killing ourselves laughing, and the girls stared at us in astonishment as we did so. We then had to explain that we had watched the later stages of the proceedings from the lounge window, and they both got mad with us for stringing them along, which ended up with all of us rolling around on the grass, all four killing ourselves laughing together.

Then things started to get serious, and Heather and I started kissing and Alan and Sally, holding each other's hands, asked to be excused and headed off into the house - obviously to the bedroom.

I laid Heather down on the rug, opened her legs apart and then fulfilled a fantasy that I never believed I would, which was to lick another man's cum from her pussy. My penis was in agony cramped up in the CB3000 while I did this, but Heather was completely oblivious and she came at least twice. Then, because she was too floppy to walk, I picked her up and carried her into our house where we retrieved the key for the CB3000. She then teased me unmercifully as she pretended to hum and haw about letting me out, saying that she had already had her satisfaction for the afternoon! Finally she let me out , but not before I had brought her close to yet another orgasm, which I finished off by entering her and we both came together.

In the afterglow, we lay on the bed, and I cuddled her and she cuddled me and we both made sure that each of us knew that we still loved each other.

Footnote by Heather:

The fact that Bill watched this all unfold, and could easily have stopped it at any time, stops me feeling as guilty. I don't plan to do anything like this again, and doubt another encounter could be as spontaneously exciting anyway. I'm quite happy to remember or read the story over and over again, and each time it gets to feel more like someone else's fantasy rather than my reality, but I remember those blue eyes often as I come with Bill.

As for the unprotected sex, we didn't click until later how we both had had the totally irrational thought that because Bill's Vasectomy was clear, that my having unprotected sex with Dave would be alright. By the time the two of us realised our stupidity, we had missed the deadline for a morning after pill. Doh!

It is just two weeks since that day, and I haven't had a period. However my periods had not settled to a pattern after I stopped feeding the baby, so I guess we will have to wait a few more weeks before we discover whether fate is going to let our family stay at three kids or four! If it is four, then he/she will be David or Davina, and I hope he/she has those lovely blue eyes.

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