Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Making Music

Heather and I have always had a very loving relationship. Sexually we are very compatible, but have always remained pretty vanilla, and all our sex games have always just involved the two of us and no one else. Heather knows that I fantasise about her making love with another man, and she admits to having similar fantasies, and fantasy is the way we want to keep it. But Heather can be a super teaser!

As I had to work late one Thursday, I phoned Heather and arranged to meet her in the pub later on in the evening. Thursday is Heather's choir rehearsal evening, and she often goes to the pub with the members when the rehearsal finishes at around 9pm. Most of them just stay for one drink and then go home, so I often meet Heather around 9.45pm, have a quick pint while she finishes her wine, and then walk her home. This night, Heather requested that I should act as if I didn't know her when I arrived and that she might have something special in store for me. That usually means she has some tease lined up, which always ends up with exciting sex back home.

It sounded like a great idea, and all day I thought about the evening to come and was glad when I finished work at about 6.30pm. When I arrived home, Heather had already left. She had obviously had a few glasses of wine as a half full bottle of red was on the kitchen table.

I went off to the gym, and spent an hour on the training circuit, all the time thinking about what was to come later on, and thankful that the effort was helping to stop my erection from getting too embarrassing in my tracksuit. I didn't dare shower at the sports centre, so I headed on home, poured myself a large glass from the half empty bottle and went for a shower. In the bedroom, laid out on top of the bedside cabinet, was a selection of Heather's favourite vibrators. I could not tell if any had been used earlier. While I showered I played with my rock hard cock, imagining what was to come.

The pub is only a short walk from our house and I got there at about 9.45pm. I looked round for Heather and saw her sitting alone at a table near the log fire. It appeared that everyone else had already left. When I had got myself a drink I sat at the table opposite her. We briefly made eye contact and smiled at each other.

Despite being in her fifties, Heather has really kept her figure, slim waist, neat 34B breasts, long legs and lets me keep her pussy trimmed to perfection. She was wearing a semi-sheer blouse, under which I could clearly see her Victoria's Secrets lace bra. She had a short tartan skirt on, a garter belt and black lacy stockings. This was unusual for her at a choir practise, as she normally dresses far more demurely, but then to add to it, as I looked her up and down she uncrossed her legs and parted them, allowing me to see that she was wearing no knickers. Seeing her like this drove me wild and I felt like my prick was going to burst out of my jeans.

Heather shuffled up the bench she was sitting on - ensuring I had a really good view of her lace stocking tops and pouting pussy - stood up and went to the bar. After watching her stride past me I went to the toilet to relieve myself. When I returned to my seat, I noticed that Heather was still at the bar and was exchanging words with a young bloke. I felt a touch of jealousy and thought I should intervene, but something inside me was fascinated and I continued to watch.

Heather returned to her table, followed by her young friend. As she approached she looked me straight in the eye with the barest of winks, but also with a stern look that told me not to interfere. Heather's new friend sat next to her and they started to chat. He looked in his early 40s, and annoyingly rather rugged good looks, and I overheard Heather call him Mark as I walked past them on my way to the bar. By now the pub was filling up and it took quite some time for me to get served. As I returned to my seat I passed Mark on his way to the bar. This was my opportunity to find out what was going on. I moved over to Heather and whispered "what is going on?". She told me to "relax and enjoy the show". By this time Mark was on his way back so I went back to my seat before he saw me talking to Heather.

As Heather and Mark drank their drinks and chatted, I noticed Mark edging closer to her. The music in the pub had now been turned up so I had no chance of hearing what they were talking about. Mark had bought some crisps and had left them open on the table for Heather and himself to share. As Heather reached for the bag she 'accidentally' tipped them off the table and into her lap. Mark was quick to respond and swept them away. I watched on fascinated as he slowly let his hands rest on Heather's thigh.

They continued to chat, and Mark started to move his hand up Heather's thigh until he stopped at her lace stocking tops. Heather, who was not objecting at all, then parted her soft thighs - allowing Mark to explore further. I had a bird's eye view as Mark pushed Heather's skirt back and started to stroke her naked pussy. From the look on her face, Heather was enjoying every second. Mark was too stunned in finding Heather's naked pussy to notice her give me the nod to leave.

I rushed home, leaving Heather and Mark to make their own way. When I got home I quickly went into the house, through the living room and drew the curtains, deliberately leaving them just slightly parted at the back of the house, and then slipped out of the patio doors and into the garden., and waited in the shadows, looking through the window into the living room.

After a short time I saw the door from the hall open. My cock was now so hard that I had to undo my fly's and I slowly started to masturbate. As I watched, Heather took off her coat and sat on the settee. Mark sat beside her, and put his arms around her, pulling her close, to which she responded eagerly. He then dropped a hand through her blouse and under her bra, starting to tweak her nipples. Heather's nipples are very sensitive, and nipple tweaking always gets her aroused. She was appearing to get more and more passionate. She looked around to see where I was, while Mark was deeply engaged, noticed me outside and gestured with her eyes to go hide upstairs. By this time Mark was sporting an impressive erection in his trousers. When I was sure I would not be seen I slipped inside and went upstairs to hide in the en suite bathroom, which conveniently has a glass pane in the door which is cloudy so that you can not see into the bathroom if the light is not on, but you can see into the bedroom when the light is on in there.

I could hear Heather moaning downstairs and I continued to slowly masturbate and stroke my balls. I was then surprised to hear the front door open and close, and was even more surprised to see Mark walking off apparently quite happily down the driveway.

As I stood staring at him go down the driveway, I heard a click, and turned round to see Heather locking the bathroom door from the outside, knowing full well that I was in there.

Heather then took out her favourite vibrator, an electric one with a lethally strong motion, and lay on the bed and started to tickle herself. She quickly went off with a loud squeal and lay there with the vibrator turned to slow still tickling her gently. After about five minutes, during which time I thought she had gone to sleep, she then got off the bed and went over and selected a big black phallic shaped vibrator. She lay down once again, and after lubricating the vibrator well with love oil that we always keep by the bed, pulled hard on her nipples and lifted her legs and started to fuck herself. I had a good view of Heather's pussy being stretched as she pushed her vibrator deeper into her obviously soaking wet quim. Heather moaned and groaned, while all along I looked on in amazement as my normally vanilla wife pleasured herself in front of me and I was unable to join in. As Heather's pace increased, her back arched and she let out a loud moan as her pussy tightened around her 'plastic friend'. It is unusual for her to orgasm twice in a short time, but she eventually went off with a another loud squeal and just lay there panting.

From my hidden position I could take no more and came with some force over my hand, as well as the wall and floor.

As I looked up I saw that Heather had opened the bathroom door and was looking down at me laughing, so I came out of my hiding place and cuddled up to Heather on the bed. As we lay there, Heather told me that Mark had been in on the whole game. He was an old friend that she had known for a long time, and they had even dated a couple of times long before we met. He had come and joined the choir a few weeks previously, and he had tried it on with her, telling her that he had always fancied her. She had laughed it off but they had flirted a bit, and she had told him firmly that we were both happy and faithful, and intended to stay that way, but that I had this fantasy ….

And so they had the radical idea and cooked up this scheme between them to give me a tease. He had known I was watching all the time and had agreed to leave when things got fruity.

I occasionally see Mark in the pub when I pick Heather up, but we haven't had a repeat performance, and Heather is reluctant to do anything similar because she admits she came close to giving in to him on the settee.

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