Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I can go on enjoying my Alpha Male

My wife, Heather, and I used to disagree about female domination, with her actually being the one that doubted that it was anything other than a sexual fantasy created by men. From time to time I had fantasised about her "controlling" me, and even tried to get her to keep me locked up in a CB3000 that I had bought. She didn't want to know, and some time later actually told me that my intensity about the whole scene nearly drove her away from me.

However, about two months ago, over supper one night, we were discussing the Alpha male theory, which Heather thought was complete rubbish, especially the part about women preferring Alpha males as fathers for their children and Beta males as their partners. She had this belief that I am an Alpha male, I suppose because we have always had a good but simple sexual relationship and I have fathered two lovely children by her. Anyway, the argument got rather more heated than usual I accused her of just plain not understanding because she was in denial, as a result of her being brought up to think that all men are the bosses in the relationships and all women are supposed to be subservient. Her parents were an absolutely super and devoted couple, but definitely very Victorian traditional.

She got really angry at the accusation of denial, because she always thinks of herself (and she usually is) a very balanced person. The upshot was that I challenged her just to try dominating me for a month and see if actually doing it would bring out some more instincts in her that she was suppressing as a result of her upbringing. She responded tartly that it would just serve me right if she did, and then refused to discuss it any more, insisting that there was a TV programme that she wanted to watch.

At bedtime however, I put on the CB3000 and, naked as usual, climbed into bed beside her. She was reading and hadn't noticed it on me. As she looked up at me, I gave her the two keys, which she initially looked at in puzzlement and then accepted them and put them on the bedside table. Glacial was an understatement!

We always have a rule of never letting the sun go down on our anger, and so when I turned my light out to go to sleep, she rolled over and, as she always has, she snuggled into my right shoulder and put her right leg over mine. Normally this is a very comfortable position and we often fall asleep in it, but this night her thigh was resting on the strangeness of the CB3000 and Percy started to twitch and grow uncomfortably.

The following morning, we got up, showered and dressed with Heather (if she noticed it) ignoring the CB3000 and not mentioning our discussion of the previous night. I was working at home that day, so started to wash up the breakfast dishes while she readied herself to go out and she came and kissed me on the ear as I was washing the frying pan, saying "Good boy" as one would say to a dog after telling it to sit. I was rather amused and replied "Woof", at which she chuckled and left for work.

After washing up, I went up to our en-suite bathroom to clean my teeth and checked to see if the keys were still on the bedside table, where I expected they would still be. I was surprised to see that they weren't there, and then thought that Heather must have just moved them, so I looked around. The more I looked, the more they weren't to be found, and such was my conviction that Heather would never take the challenge seriously, that I hunted for them for about an hour before finally coming to the radical idea that she must have taken them with her. Even then, I thought that she must have picked them up either accidentally or intending to give them back to me, but forgetting to do so.

Anyway, it started to dawn on me that witting or unwitting, my wife had turned into my keyholder for at least that one day, and I felt a distinct sense of excitement and panic and an awful lot of discomfort as my normally relatively small Percy desperately swelled to fill the CB3000.

Over the course of the day, during which little work was done as a result of my head going round and round, I made up my mind not to say anything about it when Heather got home. I would leave it up to her to return the keys to me, which I was absolutely certain she would either as soon as she realised she had inadvertently left me locked up, or on the faintest chance that she had deliberately left me locked me up, then she would call it a day at bedtime.

Not feeling like working, in the middle of the afternoon I started tidying around the house and set the table for tea to welcome Heather home. I put a casserole on to cook, and even changed from my jeans into a shirt and slacks for when she arrived home.

When she did arrive home, a little late from her school job, she looked around approvingly at the tidying and the cooking, but didn't say anything. We had a cup of tea and cake together, talking perfectly normally as if nothing was unusual, and the rest of the evening developed the same way. I wondered if she had completely forgotten about the CB3000, but resolved not to say anything - after all she could hardly miss it when we went to bed!

It has always been another rule of ours that whoever cooks, the other washes up, so I was surprised when Heather just got up from the table and went over to the TV saying "I'd like a coffee after you've washed up please" as she did so. A feeling of slight annoyance and a distinct twitch from Percy manifested themselves at the same time, much to my intellectual amusement.

At bedtime, I saw Heather looking at my encased Percy as I got into bed, almost as it to check it was still there. And then she behaved perfectly naturally, chatting about her day and asking me about mine. I didn't tell her that I hadn't got much work done, but made out that I had had a perfectly normal day although it had been far from it. She turned her light off quite quickly after that, and when I turned mine off, she came back into our usual snuggling position before going to sleep.

Early in the morning I ended up with the kind of cramps that only an experienced CB wearer knows, as the 4am woodie took its toll. I could not get comfortable and even a visit to the bathroom barely relieved my discomfort. After about half an hour of tossing and turning a stern voice from the other side of the bed commanded, "stop fidgeting". Normally Heather would sympathetically ask me what was wrong if I was tossing and turning, but clearly this time she had worked out what the cause was and sympathies were not on the agenda. Eventually I got back to sleep and was woken by the alarm.

Now I was in a dilemma, I had been in the CB for nearly a day and a half, and Heather was showing no sign of offering up the keys. Today was also a day that I was going to work and had a number of customer meetings, and I was pretty nervous about whether the CB would show, but at the same time my pride was not going to let me ask for the keys.

With no resolution, we both showered and dressed and after breakfast went our own ways. Apart from my being caged up, it was bizarre that we both behaved exactly as normal, with the usual chat about weather, feeding the cats, what time we would be home and other trivia.

The day actually went past without a hitch and reasonably quickly. I had expected a few woodies to occur which would be difficult to hide, but they actually didn't happen.

When I arrived home, which was much later than Heather owing to my commute, I found her in the sitting room with her legs up on the couch and watching television with a cup of tea. She told me that there was another cup "in the pot" if I wanted it, and so I went into the kitchen to get it, only to find that all the breakfast plates were still out needing to be cleared away. Normally, Heather (if she were first home) would tidy up, as would I in my turn. I quickly stacked the plate sin the dishwasher and washed the couple of things that needed washing, and returned to the sitting room with my cup of tea.

When I said, pointedly, that I had washed up, Heather simply said "thank you, and what are you cooking me for supper". I think my mouth must have fallen open, because she then said "Well, that's what you wanted isn't it? Me to be dominating? Thank you for clearing up and for cooking supper yesterday, but you did say a month, so get to it!"

I was about to remonstrate, but caught a very steely look in her eyes, and decided that a real tiff could follow any further dissent, and anyway I was trying to come to grips with the strong feeling of eroticism that I was experienced and the strong erection that was trying to form in the CB3000.

For some unknown reason or instinct, I just knelt down beside her, and caressing her stockinged feet asked her what she would like me to cook for her.

We chose one of the special meals that I normally cooked for her on the weekends, and she suggested that we open a bottle of wine with it. Something that we do not normally have on a weekday unless it is a special occasion. Actually, she did not suggest that we open a bottle of wine, what she said was "I'd like a bottle of the nice Chablis with it, and some freshly baked Ciabata bread!"

I cooked. We ate. Heather drank more than her share of the wine (again she is normally meticulous about us sharing equally, especially if it is a special wine as this was). I washed up. I brought coffee through. We headed off for bed.

When we went to bed, I put the quick warming electric blanket on while she showered, and she was tucked up warmly by the time I showered and went to join her.

"I'd like to make love", she announced, "but since I am nice and clean and fresh from the shower, I don't want you messing me up, so you can stay in that thing. Now start tweaking my nipples the way you know I like".

The next half hour was amazingly erotic and most frustrating, as I teased and caressed her until she came, in one of the longest orgasms I ever remember her having. All the while Percy was straining in his confinement, while Heather hung on to the cage as if to be doing the restraining herself.

When she finished, she turned over, turned the light off and settled to sleep without even having our usual night time cuddle. I felt humbled, humiliated, loving, adoring, frustrated and horny and it took me hours to get to sleep, not least off all because I was desperate not to "fidget" as I had been told off for doing the night before.

The following day was a Friday, and another work at home day for me, and it went very much the same as before, but this time after washing up the breakfast things, I did manage to settle down to work. Lunchtime, I took an hour off work (I usually work through) and I cleaned an tidied the house. When Heather arrived home, I felt a real glow at her obvious approval of my work. We went out to supper in a local pub as we often do on a Friday, and met up with friends and chatted with them. Heather asked them back for coffee, which I served, and we talked until well after midnight over a couple of brandies before our friends left.

Bedtime was a pretty uneventful affair as we were both tired, and so mutually turned our lights off quickly and I was rewarded with a cuddle.

After my 4am woody and a pee to relieve it, I actually managed to sleep until quite late when Heather nudged me and suggested tat I make us a cup of tea. Bringing it back to bed, she at last actually broke cover and asked me how I was feeling about it all "now that I had been her locked up servant for three and a half days".

When I told her about feeling frustrated and horny, she giggled and said that she could see that, "and feel it", which was why she had enjoyed clinging onto my caged Percy while she was going off. I then told her all about the erotic surges that I had had when she had been dominant, firstly when I realised that she had in fact taken the keys with her on the first day, then even more so when I realised that she had taken them deliberately and not accidentally. I confessed about the excitement that I had felt when she told me to do things like wash up or cook her supper, and especially the enormous thrill and frustration I had felt when she demanded solo sex from me, keeping me under lock and key while she took her pleasure.

"You really are into being submissive, aren't you?" She said with an obvious look of amazement on her face. " Well, I am quite enjoying having a holiday from all of the cooking and housework, so I'm quite happy to go on with this experiment if you are."

I wasn't sure what to say, but thinking about it for a moment made Percy swell uncomfortably in his cage, and since she was resting up against me she could feel my reaction, and giggling said "I'll take that as a yes then!"

Now, Saturday mornings have always been one of our favourite times for making love, and it was immediately obvious that Heather was feeling in that kind of a mood, and it wasn't long before we were making out quite passionately. Heather reached into her bedside cabinet and produced her favourite vibrator, and started to massage herself with it. A little bit hesitantly, I gently interrupted her and asked her for the key so that I could let myself out of my imprisonment and join in the action properly.

She turned off the vibrator, opened her eyes and looked at me with a surprised expression. "I'm sorry", she said, "but I didn't realise when you put that thing on and gave me the keys with the implication that we were going to see if I could be dominant for a month, that I was expected to let you out after just a few days. So, just to make sure that you couldn't find the keys I left them at school in my locker in the staff room. I knew that if I needed to I could get them in an emergency. So I'm afraid you're going to have to stay like that at least for the weekend."

"Hang on!", I exclaimed, "I think this does constitute an emergency, right now".

Heather looked at me sternly, "We always get into trouble if we call the caretaker out to open up out of hours, so if you have any ideas that I am going to make a fool of myself going to get those keys then you have another think coming! Now I've really lost it, you've made me go right off the boil. Just for that, and because I am supposed to be being dominant, you can go and bring me some breakfast in bed."

Once again I felt Percy twitch as Heather commanded me, and I headed off downstairs to make breakfast. By the time I'd got us freshly squeezed orange juice, coffee and toast together and headed back up to the bedroom with it, I found Heather lying back very much enjoying herself with her favourite vibrator once again. I put the tray on the floor and climbed into bed beside her and caressed her in her favourite way. She opened her eyes, and looked approving at me and muttered "Good boy!", before closing her eyes again and rapidly heading into another enormous orgasm.

The stage was set for the weekend, which was spent entirely around me cleaning, cooking and serving Heather, while she relaxed. Heather is usually a once during the week and at the most twice at the weekend girl, but this weekend she exceeded her previous record easily as she had me make love to her while finishing off the key parts of the action with her vibrator. Interestingly, her orgasms seemed to be much stronger than I was used to with our "traditional lovemaking", although I wasn't sure whether this was down to my previous lack of technique or whether she was now getting off more on the whole domination scene. A slight anxiety fluttered around my mind that it could just be the latter.

On Monday, I reminded Heather and she set off for work to pick up the keys, but when she got home in the evening and I asked her about them, she said that she had decided that I could wait until the following weekend for my release, because she couldn't do with me being all heavy on her during the working week. Although desperately frustrated, I did not dare argue with her after the reaction on Saturday morning, and anyway was beginning to enjoy the erotic twinges that I kept feeling whenever she was being dominant. Slightly to my disappointment, she did not require my services every night that week at bedtime, instead preferring just to go quietly to sleep most nights. Over the weekend that I had got really to enjoy seeing her sexual satisfaction achieved over and over again.

Friday morning came, and I could not resist reminding her once again to pick up the keys from school. I was so confident that she would honour her implied promise, so I didn't check with her when she came in on Friday night. After another day of working at home, I had the house all spick and span, and had been out to be shops and bought all the ingredients for a special supper that I then proceeded to cook for her. As well as an aperitif, the full bottle of wine (which Heather had the majority of), I had also bought a half bottle of dessert wine that we finished off after supper. I was therefore a bit disappointed, but not surprised, when Heather more or less passed out as soon as she got to bed and I snuggled down beside her thinking in an excited anticipation of the lovemaking and the release that would follow on Saturday morning.

Unfortunately, it was not to be. I had put fresh bread on to cook overnight, and was up early to make Heather breakfast ready for when she called down to me. I brought her breakfast up to her, and had difficulty keeping the tray on my lap in bed as Percy's antics did not help the balancing act at all.

After breakfast, we settled down to our lovemaking exactly as I had anticipated. At the same point as the previous week, I asked Heather for the key. With just the faintest of smiles round her lips, she didn't even open her eyes or stop with the vibrator as she said quietly "You didn't really think that I was going to bring them back just yet, did you? I'm just beginning to enjoy all this attention. So I have left them there for the time being." The tease obviously excited her, as she almost immediately started to buck and pant as she said it, and only is her orgasm started to subside did she open her eyes and look at me and thrust the dagger in, saying "and with its being half term next week, I can't get the keys for another 10 days", and so saying went off into another paroxysm of orgasm.

I just lay there, gobsmacked. I had no idea how to react. It was so unexpected. I had felt that she had been just playing the game for the first few days, and then perhaps punishing me for forcing the whole thing on her by extending it to 10 days. Now I was beginning, anxiously, to think that I had unleashed something deeper.

I think that she must have realised something of what I was feeling, because she rolled over and started to stroke me gently and kiss me, saying to me "It's all right, you are enjoying it and I am enjoying it. You challenged me to be dominant for a month, and although I didn't feel that it was me at all, you more or less forced me into it by coming to bed in your CB. So I think it is only fair that since we have got over one third of the way through the month, that we should at least continue the experiment to the end of the month."

Heather has always known how to get round me, and the tenderness in which she was stroking me and the excitement that she made me feel as she deeply kissed me while she was saying all this, made all my concerns fly away, and I just nodded and loved her back.

The next 10 days over half term were a very intimate time between us. We seemed to have a mountain of love between us, and I really enjoyed taking care of her and being relaxed. Because she was on holiday, she did do a few of the chores around the house, while I was out at work, although she left all of the cleaning, cooking and washing up to me. She did go on looking after the clothes washing and doing the ironing, because she has always said that she felt relaxed while ironing, and she always said that I did not know how to iron her clothes the way she likes them.

In the middle of the week I had the opportunity to visit Paris on business, so I took a day of holiday, and Heather came with me, and we stayed in our favourite hotel near L'Etoile. It was just as well that we could travel by Eurostar train, as I certainly would not have fancied going through the airline security check with my little padlock on! We had a great couple of days in Paris, but on the second afternoon (the day I wasn't working), Heather and I ended up making love before going out to dinner in the evening, and Heather wistfully said that she really fancied a good solid Percy inside her, about which we could do very little at the time, since the keys were safely back in her locker in England.

After we had had dinner we were just wandering around some of the streets in the Latin quarter, when I spotted what looked to be a sex shop. I dragged Heather into it, which she looked upon with great distaste, until I pointed out a couple of very realistic looking dildoes, at which point she twigged and laughingly tolerated me buying one for her. Apart from her favourite vibrator, which she got into when our children were very young and she found she needed something to give an extra boost (and achieve her orgasm more quickly before we were interrupted), she has always been very anti sex toys, which partly accounted for her disliking the CB3000 at first.

When we got back to the hotel, we went to have a coffee and Amaretto, which is a tradition of ours on holiday, but she drank hers down quickly and encouraged me to do the same, waving her little black plastic bag and saying "Hurry up, I want to give this a try."

I certainly was not going to stand in the way of this adventure, and it was almost a race to see who could strip off first when we got to the bedroom. Heather is of an age where she doesn't always get very wet, but she was absolutely soaking and ready for it, which was just as well because I had not taken any lubricant with me on holiday, as I was not expecting any need for it! Twice in less than six hours, is a rarity for Heather, but she had no difficulty screaming and bucking, such that I thought the neighbours would complain, as I eased the fake Percy in and out of her. Afterwards, she said "That was pretty good. I think it was bigger than you, which felt great, but it didn't have the feeling of a real Percy". Then she crashed out and slept very soundly whilst I lay and mulled over my thoughts.

While I had felt one level of excitement in giving her pleasure in being denied myself, using an artificial Percy on her, whilst mine was locked up gave me an even deeper sense of sexual excitement and thrill, and it made me wonder what I would feel like if in fact it had not been a fake Percy but someone else's real one performing the job.

The train on the way back to London was quiet, and we had a lot of space to ourselves in the carriage, and for a while we chatted over the experiences of the last couple of weeks, and how we felt about them all. I admitted to Heather how I had felt about using the dildoe on her, and she in her term confessed that she was finding it less strange and more acceptable than she had anticipated being in a dominant role. "Are you sure you want to go on with this?" she asked me at one point, "Because I think we may be crossing bridges that we can't go back over". We agreed to finish the month, and then see where we got to.

By the time Heather went back to school, I had been locked up for nearly three weeks, and my body was beginning to get accustomed to it. My 4am woodies had diminished considerably, and on a few occasions when lying beside Heather and pleasuring her, I only had half rather than full erections in my cage.

On the Monday morning that Heather went back to school, I opened my mouth to mention about the key, but she anticipated me, saying "since we've so nearly got through the month with you staying locked up, let's leave the keys where they are until the end of the month is up". The way she said it made it clear that it was a rhetorical question to which she had already decided the answer.

That evening, she was in a slightly strange mood all evening. When it came to bedtime, she turned to me and said "It's nearly three weeks since I had a good screw, and although I am really enjoying you pleasuring me the way that you are, I have not gone without a Percy for this long all the years we have been together and I really fancy a Percy in me"

Not understanding, I immediately got her new dildoe out of the drawer, but she quickly said "No, not that, I mean a real Percy." And when I looked enquiringly at her, she went on to say that she was thinking of one of her male colleagues at the school.

She went on to tell me that he had come back at the end of half term and given in his notice to leave at the end of term, and so there could not possibly any longer term consequences of a short fling with him.

I knew the colleague she was referring to a little, as she had introduced me to him at a school party in the past. He is tall, young and blond with almost permanent stubble and looks a little like Bjorn Borg. Heather had often referred to him as "quite a hunk, who all the teenage girls drool over", and made it clear that she thought he was quite fanciable too. She went on to explain that the reason that she had been quiet all evening was that she had been thinking about where all this had started in a debate about Alpha and Beta males those three weeks ago. She said, and it hurt as she said it, that the last few weeks had made her realise that if there was any truth in the Alpha and Beta male theory, then I must be the epitome of a Beta male. She said that she thought that if we were really going to test out the theory, and in the spirit of testing the dominant/submissive relationship between us over this month, then she owed it to us both to see how it would feel to her going with a very clearly "Alpha male".

I was devastated, and started to cry gently. Heather started to stroke me and kiss me, and told me and reminded me that she loved me very much. She pointed out that if I was right about the Alpha and Beta male theory (which I had espoused so much), then I should realise that even if she did go and make love with her colleague, that it would be no threat to our continued loving partnership relationship.

I told her that I didn't think that I was ready for this, and that but I felt that it had all gone too far and we should stop the experiment. She disagreed, and thought we would always regret and wonder what might have been if we did not continue with the experiment, and that in any case when we had discussed going on to the end of the month just two days earlier, I had agreed then. All the time that she was saying this, she was continuing to stroke and kiss and love me and I was aware that regardless of what my brain seemed to be saying to me, Percy obviously had other thoughts, because he was absolutely straining to break out with the CB 3000, and the sexual tension in my groin was amazing. As she went on to say that she had already arranged to meet him for a drink the following night, I felt as though I was about to shoot my load spontaneously.

As I calmed down, Heather said to me "Come on, help me go off, you know you enjoy it". And hating myself for it, I did just that and felt so much intensity of love for my dear wife as she gave me the excitement of enjoying her pleasure.

I hardly slept at all that night, but was up early making Heather her breakfast. The feeling inside me was one of confusion about what was to come later that day, but right now I wanted to give as much as I could to her to be certain that whatever happened that evening she would still want to come home to me. When Heather came down to breakfast, she was amazed to find that I had set the table linen, and had even prepared her a Bucks fizz instead of her usual orange juice.

I was out at work all day, which I think was fortunate under the circumstances, as I am not sure how I would have coped with my feelings all day at home. When I arrived home, I was surprised to see Heather's car in the drive, as I think I had it in my mind that she was going to meet him straight away after school for their drink together.

I found her soaking in a scented bath full of bubbles, and she looked up at me with a smile that made my heart melt. "Dry me darling please", she asked, and I was happy to oblige. She explained that they had arranged to meet later on, as he had some sport coaching to do first.

Back in the bedroom, she got me to help her get dressed, asking me which of her sexy underwear I thought that he would find most attractive on her, dispelling any illusions that I might have had that she had no intention of going very far in this, by making it plain that she expected him to see her underwear. We chose white lace knickers and a bra that I had bought from Victoria's Secret as a present for Heather the previous year on a business trip to San Francisco. I was both delighted that she should think that this present was her sexiest underwear, but also hurt that she was wearing it for another man.

Just before eight o'clock, she drove off looking as attractive and sexy as I could remember in the 25 years we had been together. As she left, I asked her when she would be back, and she replied very simply "I don't know".

My evening was amazing, I just remember sitting in the sitting room with no television or music or anything, with my head going round and a feeling of euphoria which made no sense. I don't think I have ever felt as sexually excited in my life, but at the same time could not do anything nor even wanted to do anything about it.

At about 11 o'clock, I went to bed, by which time I was certain that they had been so long together that she must be in his arms if not in his bed. I had only just dropped off to a fitful sleep about half an hour later, when I heard the front door open, and Heather come in. She called to me, and I called back, and she immediately came up to the bedroom. As soon as she came into the room she said "We didn't", although from her dishevelled look my immediate thought had been that she must have done, and my immediate feeling was one of let down. "Let me get undressed and into bed, and I'll tell you about it", she said.

When she came to bed, she told me that they had had a very pleasant drink and had chatted for quite a long time. They had actually had quite a grope in the car park and she had felt quite differently sexy than she did with me. She wasn't sure whether this was "Alpha" vs "Beta" male, or whether it was just the novelty after nearly 25 years of being a one man woman She found that she had been very strongly physically attracted to him, but in many ways felt that she did not like him as a person. It was a combination of that not liking him, and also being concerned about how I would take it, that held her back from accepting his offer to go home with him for a "coffee". She felt that he was attracted to her, and it was obvious to her that he cared little for the fact that she was a married woman, and that he expected to bed any women he chose. She felt that he didn't understand why, with her being a much older teacher, and married, she should have asked him out for a drink, and so he probably had not been assuming that bed was on the cards with her anyway. She thought he probably only gave her a grope for the laugh, rather than any serious intent of expectation.

She asked me then how I had felt about the whole evening, and was I pleased or disappointed that she had not slept with him. I told her as honestly as I could about all my intense feelings over the evening, and about my disappointment when she said "We didn't".

"Well, you can help me go off now" she said, and I discovered that she was once again very wet and ready. "I very nearly agreed to go home with him you know, because I quite fancy him", she admitted as I slid the dildoe in, "and that blasted thing does not feel like a real Percy she said with feeling", but it did not stop her from having another intense orgasm.

The next week was uneventful, and was very much a continuation of me pleasuring Heather whenever she wanted, and the continued shift of housework to me. The weekend was nothing like as sexually active as previous weekends had been, and Heather admitted that it was because we were approaching the end of the trial month and she was starting to feel almost "end of holiday blues", where you stop enjoying your holiday because you know it is coming to an end soon.

The last Monday before we should have reached the end of our trial month, as we settled down to what I will thought was going to be one of our last CB caged sex sessions before my release, Heather said that her colleague had approached her and asked her if she would like to meet him for a drink after his coaching session on the Tuesday evening again. She said she had been surprised, and very flattered after the previous Tuesday. It was obvious from the way that she told me that she had already accepted the offer. "You don't mind, do you? I'm quite flattered really, and I may not get many more offers like this at my age. You can have another evening of sexual fantasy, although I warn you that since you obviously enjoyed the idea so much last week, if he asks me back for a coffee this time, then that I may very well go"

"Now, I'm panting for it, just at the thought, so make me go off, there's a good boy!"

The Tuesday evening started as a rerun of the previous one, with Heather teasing me about the underwear saying that she would wear the Victoria's Secret set again as he hadn't seen it the previous week. Heather had actually been very clever with me, in building up expectation that she may go further this week, otherwise I probably would not have built up the same level of intense excitement in anticipation again. I quickly entered back into the euphoria sub-space again as soon as she had left the house. Sub-space is a feeling I have heard described, but never understood until this happened to me and is a feeling that everyone should experience.

Once again I went to bed at about 11 o clock, this time fantasising about them groping in the car park. Half-past 11 came and went. Midnight came and went, and I eventually fell asleep at about 1 o clock, with still no sign of Heather. My 4am woodie woke me up and I realised that Heather still had not come home. At that point I started feeling concerned about her, but soon realised that there was very little I could do as I actually had absolutely no idea where her colleague lived.

At 5am, I heard the front door open, and Heather came up the stairs and into the bedroom. She didn't have to say it; I could see it in her face and in her movement. Her every move looked as though the whole of her nether parts were tender. "We did", she said unnecessarily, and pulling her dress off, revealing a total absence of underwear underneath, she climbed into bed saying "I have no intention of washing, I just want to go on feeling him inside me and outside me for as long as I can".

She rolled over towards me and put her right leg over mine in our usual cuddle, put her head on my shoulder, and started telling me all about it.

The evening had started out exactly the same for them, ending up kissing in the car park, but when it had come to asking her to come back from coffee, he said "Get in your car and follow me. There is no point in me asking you whether you want to come back for coffee; you wouldn't have agreed to come out with me tonight after last week if you hadn't already decided that you want a good fuck".

Although this behaviour absolutely confirmed to Heather a dislike of him as a person, it also confirmed to her the strength of his "Alpha male" characteristics, and she said that she was afraid that the front seat of her car was probably a mess from the amount of moisture that she created on that drive to his flat, never mind the amount of cum that must have leaked out of her on the drive home with no knickers on. Startled, I asked in horror if she had let him come inside her with no protection. She admitted that by the time they got into his bed that she was feeling so hot that she never even thought of it and he certainly had not offered. She went on to describe all of his sexual technique in great detail, clearly loving and reliving the whole experience. She could not remember the number of times he had come inside her, each time bringing her to two or three orgasms, something that we had almost never been able to achieve without the use of her vibrator. She said that each time he came, it felt like bucket loads and she could feel it washing around her womb. I was getting more and more aroused as she described the whole of this to me. She described the size of his Percy as being bigger than mine, even bigger than the dildoe that we had bought, but that it felt "all man" instead of all plastic.

"I think that I am beginning to understand and believe your "Alpha male" theory", she said. I have never felt so truly screwed in all my life. I feel stretched like never before, and awash with his cum. Here", she said putting my hand down to her pussy and guiding my fingers into what felt like an enormous sopping chasm, "just feel that".

Feel that, I did. And in the middle of feeling it, she yelled "Ahhhhh, I'm coming again just at the thought of it" and she started to shudder with her pussy squeezing my fingers which were still inside her.

Although Percy was still straining within the CB 3000, that was it, I started pumping cum all over the place.

"What on earth!" she said, then she realised, "You've come all by yourself just at the thought of it! You really did find it exciting for me to be serviced by an Alpha male after all. Well, that solves two problems."

"What problems are those", I asked, holding her tight and close.

"While the first one was that I was worried that I would need to let you out to come in the next few days, but now that you've come I don't need to do that."

"And the second one?" I asked with a certain amount of concern.

"I was wondering how to tell you that I wanted to extend our trial period and I planned to keep you locked up until the end of term, so that I can go on enjoying having sex with my Alpha male while he is still around. But now it is completely obvious that you are so excited about it, that it won't be a problem. You don't mind, do you!"

"Oh, by the way, I think you've proved conclusively about your theory, don't you?"

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